Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everybody, it's been awhile since my last posting because we've been very busy. Greg has been gone about 3 weeks of the last 4 on trips for work. The first one was to Maryland for a 5 day trip and the second one was to D.C. for over 10 days. I was able to go up both times and stay a couple of nights with him, which was nice. His D.C. trip included a weekend which we planned to take advantage of the free hotel and do some sightseeing but it rained the whole weekend. So, we just did a little shopping. We went to IKEA and picked out some new things for the house but then realized none of it would fit in Greg's Honda, so we had to rent a pickup truck from Enterprise and make a special trip back up to the IKEA in D.C. and pick up all the furniture we wanted. This isn't the first time this has happened to us and it makes me seriously consider buying a truck of our own. We got lots of neat stuff for the house and it's finally coming together nicely. I painted my half of the computer room KSU yellow and black and I love it. I'll post pictures after I organize my new computer desk and bookshelve and get the pictures up on the wall. I've also organized my scrapbooking room and I hope to get some pictures of that up soon.

We're leaving tomorrow for Augusta to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I'm so excited to see them. I'm also excited for Black Friday shopping, the past 3 years we've done it and really enjoyed it. We all used to be the type that didn't understand why anybody would get up that early to shop or deal with those crowds but after we did it once, and saw how cheap things are, we're hooked. We are very organized and effiicient and it takes some teamwork. We make a list and drop everybody off at a store and we're usually done by 6:30, so I'm excited for that this year.

After we get back from Augusta on Monday we're going to be staying pretty busy. It's flu season, so I'm getting a lot of hours at work. My birthday falls on a Saturday this year, so I've decided that we should do a fun weekend activity--and turn my birthday into a weekend event. :) But, I can't go too crazy because the Monday after my birthday I have my first of two finals. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas and we'll be making the trip down to Augusta again to spend Christmas with my family. We haven't forgot about Greg's side of the family, we're going to go see them in Arizona for 5 days in January.

The picture I posted is the view from the top of a mountain in Shenadoah Park, we went on a hike with friends of ours and the view at the top was amazing. I wish I had a camera that really captured the gorgeous view--maybe I'll find one for a great deal this Friday. Or my wonderful husband will surprise me with one for my birthday. :)