Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day

We got a couple more inches of snow during the night last night. Greg's work had a 2 hour delay, which was nice and all the schools were cancelled. It looked so pretty first thing in the morning.

But, it meant another day not being able to play outside. We started our morning off with some blanket forts in the basement.

Then the boys had a mid morning snack of animal crackers. They loved going through them and naming all the animals and playing.

They apparently thought the snow day meant that we could just kick back and put our feet on the kitchen table!

After playing in the house all morning, we needed to get out. It was snowing, but the roads were fine, so we decided to pretend it wasn't snowing out and enjoy a summery treat. I asked for ice cream in a cup, but the lady put it in a cone and then put it upside down into the cup. The boys just scooped it out of the cone with a spoon like normal.

They love ice cream and it's been a while since I've taken them to get it.

They were so excited when I showed them they could eat the cone too. It's so funny the things that I forget that they just don't know. They thought the cone was just another type of cup for ice cream and they thought it was so funny when I showed them they could bite it. Evan loved it, Carter preferred to just eat the ice cream.

Evan was not messing around.

When Evan finished his first, Carter shared his last couple of bites. I love sweet little moments like this between the boys.

Evan decided to skip his nap, so he kept me company while I put some clothes away, made the bed, and straightened up. After Carter woke up, I checked the mail and the boys had some packages from Mamaw and Papaw. They were so excited to open them.

They got coloring books, stickers and Easter cards. Just what they needed today!

They wanted to color right away.

Carter was super excited when he opened his book and Buzz Lightyear was on the first page.
After they colored, we went to the mall and let them walk around. We came home and had Weight Watcher Stuffed Green Peppers. It has ground turkey, brown rice and marinara mix stuffed into green peppers. Carter had a bite and LOVED it, my picky little eater who doesn't even like pizza, ate all of his portion, half of Evan's portion, some of mine and Greg's. I only set aside a tiny bit on their plates for them to try assuming they wouldn't like it. Those boys like to keep me on my toes. I'm glad I gave them some. I'll try and post the recipe later this week, it's so quick and easy.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boys First Easter Egg Hunt

Greg had Friday off last week, so our weekend started when he got home on Thursday. The boys had been asking to go bounce, so we took them to Bounce and Play and let them play. They have a place that you can feed the fish and the boys love to throw in the food and watch the big fish eat it.

Friday, we had to take our van back in to get some things done and the boys were so good in the waiting room.

Evan decided to take a seat next to this lady and strike up a conversation. He is definitely not shy. The boys started getting bored, so we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and ended up running into some of their friends there. It worked out great that the boys had some company in the play area.

The boys decided to skip their nap. This has been happening more often lately. They seem really tired, but a couple of days a week, they won't take a nap. They're too tired to skip it two days in a row. I don't think they're ready to give it up. A new house is being built right behind ours and it's SO loud, so we think maybe the noise is bothering them because they don't seem to skip naps on the days they're not working on that house. Hopefully, that's the case and as soon as they finish building the house, the boys will be back on their normal schedule. I'm not ready for them to give up naps!

It was about 50 degrees on Friday, it felt colder because of the wind, but it was sunny, so we went to the park. The boys have been having some "terrible two" moments and I have a feeling a lot of it is due to weather. We haven't been able to go outside as much lately, but when we do, everybody is so much happier. Hopefully, when the weather warms up, we can be outside more and have less "terrible two" moments. Terrible two's and skipping naps are not a good combo. ;)
Saturday, we took the boys to their first Easter Egg hunt. It was a Spring Fling held a Baptist church close to our house from 12-4, but we got there a little after 3:00. It was nice because it wasn't too crowded then. The boys were given Easter baskets when we got there and while we were walking, a little boy with a full basket of Easter eggs came over to Carter (Greg and Evan were way ahead of us) and gave Carter an Easter egg. He said that he noticed Carter didn't have any and that he figured he missed the Easter egg part of the Spring Fling and specifically gave him one to match his basket. It was the sweetest thing! I just thought that was so nice. And Carter thought he was something having an egg in his basket.

The Chick-Fil-A cows were there, and the boys love them. Carter went right up to the girl cow and hugged her.

They had a bounce slide and Evan saw that thing from a mile away and made a beeline for it. There was a line and it was a little big for them, but that didn't stop him from climbing it and going down. Carter got to the climbing part and when he realized he would need help to get up, he changed his mind.

Next to that, there was a small bounce house shaped like a fire truck. The boys had so much fun and we had to go back before leaving so they could do it one last time.

There was a horse drawn hay ride and when we went over to ride it, the boys found a few eggs. They definitely got the concept of finding the eggs and putting them in their baskets. I can't wait to do an egg hunt in the yard on Easter.

The boys on the horse ride.

The boys loved this little activity with the pins and hammers.

After we left the spring fling, we went to the grocery store and came home and grilled out steaks. It was so nice out, sunny and in the 50's. The boys played with chalk while Greg grilled.

It's been forever since we've had steak!

I drew the boys a hopscotch. They are always jumping around the house so this was the perfect thing for them to do outside.

They'd jump through and then walk around and start again.

The boys learned from Papaw, that if you're out while food is being grilled, you get to taste test. The boys will eat anything off the grill. We made them a couple of hot dogs, but Evan wanted the steak.

It was such a beautiful day, it was just what we needed. It got us all in the mood for spring. Then, today, we have this.

It was only calling for 1/2 an inch today, but it started snowing at about 3:45 and at 4:30, I measured and we already had 2 inches! We're supposed to get another 2-4 tonight.

The middle of the week, it's supposed to clear up and then next weekend is supposed to be nice. Hopefully, it'll be nice on Easter, so we can have a little egg hunt in the yard and spend some time outside. Next week is spring break for the boys, I have some indoor activities planned in case it's cold or snowy, but hopefully it won't be and we can do some things outside.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Patrick's Day & Our Week So Far

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day. I put the boys in their green St. Patrick's Day shirts and gave them some green goodies. They had green lime jello and green rice krispie treats that I cut into shamrocks. Evan LOVED the jello. It was the first time they'd ever had jello. Greg told him to eat it with his hands so he could feel how jiggly it was and just experience all of it.

Carter didn't know what to think of his jello. He didn't like the fact that it jiggled. I convinced him to take a bite and he took several until he got a bite big enough that it jiggled when he brought it to his mouth and then he was done and asked for an orange.

Evan also loved the rice krispie treats.

Carter wouldn't eat the rice krispie treats. He had just woke up from a nap, so I don't know if that's why he was so picky or if he didn't like that it was green, but Evan loved it all enough for the both of them.

It was rainy and nasty out on Sunday and I think the boys were feeling it. The dreary weather makes it hard to have the energy to do much, so after their nap, we let them watch some Veggie Tales. Normally, they're jumping on the couch or playing with toys while they watch tv, but not on Sunday.

Greg hiding from the camera.

Monday morning we woke up to this. Boo!!!! I feel like this is the longest winter ever. We didn't have our multiples play group, and it was another long day, cooped up. We made a quick trip to the store, but no playing in the yard or park visits for us.

Tuesday morning, I volunteered at the boys school and when we got home, they decided that they were going to skip their nap. So, after Greg got home, we went to the mall so I could get some hand soap from Bath and Body Works. Of course, Evan falls asleep in the car because they were both exhausted, so I took Carter in with me and Greg stayed with Evan so he could get a little catnap. Carter was an angel. He stayed with me, he was so good in the store and didn't touch anything, he was nice and really seemed to love the one on one time.  I let him lead the way after I got my soap, the boys favorite thing about the mall is having so much room to walk. We finally got to the kids play area and he was happy to play in there by himself. It was just so weird having one kid. Weird, and easy. ;)

Greg woke Evan up and brought him inside so he could play some, but he was not happy that he was woke up. He wanted to walk around, so we took them by to see the Easter bunny since there was nobody in line. Both boys were so happy to see him and wanted to say hi and bye, but not sit in his lap. I'm glad we were able to see how they'd react in a relaxed setting instead of getting them dressed up, taking them there and waiting in line only to find out they don't want to sit on his lap. We're going to take them to an Easter Egg hunt this year, so I'm hoping they'll have an Easter Bunny there that they might be more comfortable with. 

Evan asked for a treat, so I got them cake pops from Starbucks. They loved them.

We let the boys play at the play area. As you can see, Evan was just a blur, they were just running and running. They had a great time and didn't want to leave.
We went by another store and then met their friend Konnor, and his mom at Taco Bell for dinner. I didn't get any pictures, but they had a blast. Our Taco Bell has a play area and the boys played and played. Our Taco Bell has a fresco menu that's not listed, but it's about 6-7 healthy items, so we were able to have a good dinner and talk while the boys played. It's nice that they're getting to an age where we can relax a little more while they play.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friday & Saturday

Friday, it was cold, but sunny. So, we decided to meet a friend at the park and bring a picnic lunch. The boys had fun playing and eating, we would have liked to stay longer, but it was really chilly.

The boys love their friend, Konnor. He's in their preschool class. His mom was actually in the same labor class I was in when we were pregnant with these guys. Greg met a guy at the gym that he that he started talking to whenever he was there, and I knew he looked so familiar to me. But, it's a small town, so I didn't think anything of it, but I saw him on the first day of preschool dropping off Konnor and that's when I made the connection, that he was his dad and was in our labor and delivery class. What a small world.

After naps, we went to Yoder's to pet the animals and eat dinner.

Saturday morning, Greg watched the boys, while I went to a consignment sale. It's a sale that only happens twice a year and they had to cancel the last one in October, so I've been looking forward to this for a long time. It opened at 10:00, but people got there early and stood in line. I got there right at 10:00 and waited for 45 minutes to get in. They were only letting in a few people at a time, which I actually liked once I got in because it meant plenty of room to move around and look. I was a little disappointed in the selection and prices this time. But, I managed to get some things for the boys and it was still worth going.

Saturday night, I babysat Konnor and his 7 month old baby brother from 6:30-9:30. I was so nervous because it's been so long since I've dealt with a baby and I had no idea what to expect feeding a baby while handling a two year old and putting them to bed at different times. There's definitely a lot of stuff I don't have to deal with since I have twins. But, they kids were little angels and made it very easy for me.