Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fun Bath Time

Sunday was our errand running day. After we all ate breakfast, relaxed, and watched some of Monsters Inc (for the millionth time) we ran to the stores we needed to go to for the week.

It was another cold day and we had spent the day before driving to Lynchburg and going to the children's museum, so we just wanted an easy day at home. I had seen on another blog an idea to do a ocean theme jello sensory bath This blog had so many great ideas to do with kids and an entire section on things to do just in the bath tub, so you don't have to worry about the mess. You just rinse the kids off afterwards. I was so excited and thought the boys would love it. Well, I added too much water and I guess it was too warm, because the jello melted almost immediately. But, I had put two bags of sea creatures from the dollar store into the bath and Evan had so much fun.

Carter, on the other hand, refused to get into the bath. He thought it was "scary" I don't know if it was because it was in our bathtub (they always take baths in their bathroom) or if it was because the crabs from the sea creatures looked like spiders, or the water color. I have no idea. But, he had a blast running from their bathroom to ours, bringing Evan more stuff to play with.

I loved the idea of them getting some fun bath time play in during the day. Especially when it's cold and we're stuck inside, this is a great winter activity. I saw some more ideas on that website that I'm going to try. Next time, I'm going to do it in their bath and see if Carter likes that better.

I knew I would want to take pictures for my blog, so I put them in swim diapers.

Afterwards, we let them rinse off in the shower. It was their first time taking a shower and they thought they were something! They played for awhile and we only made them get out because it was dinner time, they wanted to play longer.

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