Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day

We got a couple more inches of snow during the night last night. Greg's work had a 2 hour delay, which was nice and all the schools were cancelled. It looked so pretty first thing in the morning.

But, it meant another day not being able to play outside. We started our morning off with some blanket forts in the basement.

Then the boys had a mid morning snack of animal crackers. They loved going through them and naming all the animals and playing.

They apparently thought the snow day meant that we could just kick back and put our feet on the kitchen table!

After playing in the house all morning, we needed to get out. It was snowing, but the roads were fine, so we decided to pretend it wasn't snowing out and enjoy a summery treat. I asked for ice cream in a cup, but the lady put it in a cone and then put it upside down into the cup. The boys just scooped it out of the cone with a spoon like normal.

They love ice cream and it's been a while since I've taken them to get it.

They were so excited when I showed them they could eat the cone too. It's so funny the things that I forget that they just don't know. They thought the cone was just another type of cup for ice cream and they thought it was so funny when I showed them they could bite it. Evan loved it, Carter preferred to just eat the ice cream.

Evan was not messing around.

When Evan finished his first, Carter shared his last couple of bites. I love sweet little moments like this between the boys.

Evan decided to skip his nap, so he kept me company while I put some clothes away, made the bed, and straightened up. After Carter woke up, I checked the mail and the boys had some packages from Mamaw and Papaw. They were so excited to open them.

They got coloring books, stickers and Easter cards. Just what they needed today!

They wanted to color right away.

Carter was super excited when he opened his book and Buzz Lightyear was on the first page.
After they colored, we went to the mall and let them walk around. We came home and had Weight Watcher Stuffed Green Peppers. It has ground turkey, brown rice and marinara mix stuffed into green peppers. Carter had a bite and LOVED it, my picky little eater who doesn't even like pizza, ate all of his portion, half of Evan's portion, some of mine and Greg's. I only set aside a tiny bit on their plates for them to try assuming they wouldn't like it. Those boys like to keep me on my toes. I'm glad I gave them some. I'll try and post the recipe later this week, it's so quick and easy.

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