Sunday, March 3, 2013

Greenleaf Park

The boys spent Friday morning watching "Monsters, Inc" for the 100th time this week. It's their new favorite movie. This is how Evan watched the movie. I could tell they were getting bored about being inside, so we went to Chick-Fil-A so they could play a little bit.

They had their chocolate milk and fruit cup to start off with.

They played really well for awhile and got a lot of energy out.

A tantrum ended our time there and left me carrying one of them without shoes to the car kicking and screaming and trying to calm down the other one because they were out of mints) So, besides that embarrassing ordeal, it went well.

After their nap, we decided to go to a park we've only been to once last summer. It was cold, so we bundled the boys up and put hats on them. They really needed this outside play. Greg and I were freezing, but the boys had so much fun, so it was worth it.

They loved trying to go up and down this 'bridge" because it was a little slippery and they had to try hard to go across it.

There were so many new things to climb.

There were riding toys that they got to climb on and play on.

They  both loved this dinosaur.

Evan taking a 20 second break. I swear, he got up almost as soon as he sat down.

Then they wanted to explore.

They found sticks and played with those awhile and then we went home.

It was so nice to go somewhere different, even if it was cold. We have a couple other parks we want to try out. I know the boys had a blast trying the new things out.

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