Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Friday & Saturday

Friday, it was cold, but sunny. So, we decided to meet a friend at the park and bring a picnic lunch. The boys had fun playing and eating, we would have liked to stay longer, but it was really chilly.

The boys love their friend, Konnor. He's in their preschool class. His mom was actually in the same labor class I was in when we were pregnant with these guys. Greg met a guy at the gym that he that he started talking to whenever he was there, and I knew he looked so familiar to me. But, it's a small town, so I didn't think anything of it, but I saw him on the first day of preschool dropping off Konnor and that's when I made the connection, that he was his dad and was in our labor and delivery class. What a small world.

After naps, we went to Yoder's to pet the animals and eat dinner.

Saturday morning, Greg watched the boys, while I went to a consignment sale. It's a sale that only happens twice a year and they had to cancel the last one in October, so I've been looking forward to this for a long time. It opened at 10:00, but people got there early and stood in line. I got there right at 10:00 and waited for 45 minutes to get in. They were only letting in a few people at a time, which I actually liked once I got in because it meant plenty of room to move around and look. I was a little disappointed in the selection and prices this time. But, I managed to get some things for the boys and it was still worth going.

Saturday night, I babysat Konnor and his 7 month old baby brother from 6:30-9:30. I was so nervous because it's been so long since I've dealt with a baby and I had no idea what to expect feeding a baby while handling a two year old and putting them to bed at different times. There's definitely a lot of stuff I don't have to deal with since I have twins. But, they kids were little angels and made it very easy for me.

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