Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tonsler Park

Sunday morning, the weather was in the 60's. The boys played a little in the morning and then we headed to a park downtown that we've never been to.

Charlottesville has so many parks. Some have great playgrounds, some have nice walking trails, some are good for toddlers, some have splash parks on during the summer, and we've been slowly trying them all out. I love taking the boys to a new park. There's 2-3 that we normally go to and it's nice to switch it up. It's even better when we discover an amazing one like we did on Sunday. It was huge!

There were so many different things to climb on, which is the boys favorite part about going to parks.

The boys have been climbing on things and going over to the "big kid" side since before they were 2. I'm pretty good about letting them try all the things they want to try at the park and normally it doesn't bother me. But, I was definitely a little worried at this park. The boys did great and did lose their footing or slip on anything. Greg was making fun of me because of how close I was standing to them and watching them.

Look at that thing! And he climbed it like it was no big deal.

More climbing.

This is the toddler side. Isn't it so cute? The boys didn't spend much time over here, but it looked brand new to me.

Running around and getting that energy out.

This thing about gave me a heart attack! The boys just climbed it like the little monkeys they are, but I was so afraid their foot would slip and they'd fall through. Luckily, Greg was there, we balanced each other out, he knew they'd be fine.

And of course, a little swinging. They're getting too big for these swings, but they still love them, so whatever.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch. Evan loves pizza and when we asked them what they wanted, that's what we asked for. Carter wanted chips and dip (as in chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant) so we went to Vinny's a little Italian restaurant that makes their own potato chips and ordered it as an appetizer for Carter and gave him some ketchup. Not exactly what he meant when he said "chips and dip" but he chowed down.

Evan liked them too. We ordered a slice of pizza for Carter too, but he didn't eat it. He's never liked pizza (although we always get him some hoping he'll come around) how do you not like pizza?! I'm sure he'll end up liking it eventually and won't believe me when I tell him he didn't used to like it. Evan loves it though. He ate his slice and then ate Carter's for dinner. :)

The weather was so beautiful out. I went to the grocery store after the boys nap while Greg played with Evan and Carter in the backyard the whole time I was gone. We opened the windows and it was so nice, even if it only lasted a day. :( I got this toy with magnetic letters and cards at a consignment shop last year and just got it out for the boys and they both love it! This was taken after dinner in the front room with the windows open. I don't love dealing with the time change, but I do love it being sunny later.

This week it seems that it's either calling for rain or cold weather every day. Boo! But, we got a little taste of spring this weekend to hold us until the weather warms up.

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