Monday, March 4, 2013

Trip To Lynchburg

Saturday was Dr. Seuss Day. I had no idea that this was even a thing before I had kids, but it is and the boys had the perfect shirts to wear for the occasion. I could not get them to take a picture, I finally promised them fruit snack and told Carter he could bring the barn into the picture, if they would just stop and smile in their shirts and this was the best I got. Oh, two year olds.

We decided to drive the hour and a half to Lynchburg to check out their Children's Museum. It's 4 stories and I'd heard such good things about it. It was so cold, but it wasn't calling for any snow or bad weather, so it was a good day to go. Here's the museum from the outside, doesn't look like much, but it was amazing inside.

We got there about 15 minutes before they opened and the boys wanted out of their car seats, so we decided to walk around, but it was freezing!

We thought the downtown looked so neat.

There was this school bus outside of the museum that you could climb into the front and play around in.

The boys thought it was so neat, Greg and I were just excited to get out of the cold.

The name of the children's museum was Amazement Square

The employees let us and another family in 5 minutes early since it was so cold but we had to wait until exactly 10:00 before we could let the boys play. I didn't think Evan was going to make it. When we walked in, he was like "Wow!!" Wow!" and just amazed by everything, he was ready to play.

So, the museum is 4 stories and in the middle there is slides, ladders, tubes, zip lining, etc. the kids could climb up to the top, then ride a slide down to the next story, etc. So, Evan immediately climbed in and started to explore, it took us a few minutes to find him, so I got a locker and put all our coats and my purse and camera away so we could play and chase the boys and not have to worry about anything. I stayed with Carter most of the time and Greg followed Evan. It was exhausting because we were going up and down the stairs while the boys were playing in the middle, trying to make sure we didn't lose them. There were so many fun exhibits, so many that it would take several trips to do it all. I hate that I wasn't able to get more pictures.

I got all our stuff and took a couple of pictures before we left, while we were trying to talk the boys into leaving. They did NOT want to go. They could have stayed there all day.

It was a long day, an hour and a half drive each way, but it was so worth it. The boys had so much fun. Evan even did the kids zip lining. I saw it and thought that it would be perfect when the kids got older and later I see Evan riding it! There was a water canal replica that the kids could ride boats down and play in and Carter spent a lot of time there. We were all exhausted when we got back. The boys wouldn't sleep in the car because they said they wanted their beds, which worked out because then we all got a nap.

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