Monday, March 11, 2013

Snow Day

Last Tuesday night, we ended up getting about 6-8 inches of snow and then several more during the day on Wednesday. The forecast has called for this much snow several times this winter and we'd end up not getting a single flake, so I didn't think we were actually going to get any. We lost power about 4am on Wednesday morning and I started panicking because I did not prepare for being snowed in with no power, but luckily, we got it back about 7am. A lot of people close by were not so lucky and were without power for several days. I'm very thankful that we got our power back so fast. Greg's work was closed, so we all had the day together.

The boys loved watching Greg shovel the snow. We've never taken them out in the snow before. One of the times earlier this winter that it was calling for a lot of snow, we went out and bought them a sled, gloves, hats, etc. only to return it the next day because we didn't end up getting anything.

The boys wanted to go out and see Greg shoveling, so I just threw on coats, hats, and mittens. We were outside for less than 5 minutes. Evan immediately picked up the snow and threw it! It was like he knew that snow was meant for snowballs. He laughed so hard when Greg threw a snowball at him and they had a mini snowball fight. Carter thought the snow was "yucky" and did not like when they threw it at him. ;)

I think the boys look so cute bundled up. I think they look like the kid from "A Christmas Story" in their coats.

When we went out later to shovel some more (after getting a few more inches) we dressed the boys up and let them play. I gave them sand shovels and they had a blast "helping" us shovel the driveway. This is Evan walking through the snow.

It was fun for the boys to get a chance to see what snow was all about, but now I'm ready for spring/summer.

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