Friday, March 15, 2013

Our Week

This is a random post of pictures from our week so far. Like I mentioned in another post, Evan is loving pizza right now, so he's had that a lot this week.

Tuesday afternoon, we decided to take the boys to the park. it had been raining all morning, and the sun had finally come out. We tried a new park that we thought was more cement than mulch and grass, but we were wrong. It was muddy, wet, and messy, but we'd already got the boys out of the car before we saw it, so there was no turning back. :)

You can see all the puddles. The boys were a mess when we left, but it was nice to get outside.

I love this picture of Evan that I took on my phone.

Evan and I have this game where he takes a dinosaur and makes it growl at a toy I have (this morning it was a firetruck) and I make the fire truck jump, squeal, and run away. He thinks it's the most hilarious thing and he will laugh and laugh and then want to do it again. He could do this! It's just as funny to him the 200th time as it is the first time.
We got a new Veggie Tale movie in from Netflix. It's only like 20 minutes long and it was one they had never seen, so it kept their attention the whole time.

Wednesday mornings are our lazy mornings. We can take our time getting ready, we play, we watch tv (they don't watch tv during the day on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday because we have things going on) and I have time to make them breakfast. We had pancakes with syrup and Evan thought the Cheerios were just as good dipped in the syrup.

We also make lots of blanket forts. Upstairs and in the basement. The boys LOVE forts and play in them almost every single day.

Yesterday was their last day of school before St. Patrick's Day, so I dressed them in their green St. Patrick's shirts for school. I tried to get a picture and it wasn't happening, so I tried flipping the camera so they could see themselves as I took it and what do you know, they cooperated. ;) You can't really see the shirts, but at least the boys are smiling.

The boys boycotted their nap yesterday. They weren't napping as good last week (before the time change) and I thought it was because we had been slowly adjusting their bedtime so when daylight savings time came, we wouldn't have any problems. (by the way, the time change was a breeze and didn't affect their bedtime or waking up at all) But, I'm thinking we need to push their nap later, (I refuse to believe they are giving up naps all together-they're taking a daily nap until the day before they start kindergarten) So, I let them skip their nap yesterday and we went downstairs and watched a movie. Carter insisted on sitting on Evan's lap.

When Greg got home, we took them to Bounce and Play. I know this picture is blurry, but they were holding hands while going down the slide! It was too cute. Normally, they both just run off in different directions there, but yesterday they played together for a long time.

That's our week so far. I'm so excited it's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's supposed to be sunny and 58 today (yay!) but then cold and rainy the rest of the weekend (boo!) but I have a consignment sale I'm going to and spending money will surely make me feel better about the rainy weather. ;)

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