Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're having.....

Today we found out that we are having TWO BOYS!! I can't believe it. Greg thought it was two boys all along, but I was convinced it was a boy and a girl. But, I am so happy. It didn't matter to me what we were having, I just wanted to know so we could pick out names, start planning on how to decorate the nursery, register, and start buying things. We didn't take many pictures at the visit today. We were both so exhausted. We were up late to watch the season premiere of Glee and neither of us could sleep last night, (me because I was so excited for today's appointment). But, here's the pictures we did take from today's visit.

After I got off work, I went to Target because I just had to buy a few things now that I know that I'm having boys. I picked up a few inexpensive things to hold me over until Greg and I make our big shopping trip this Saturday.

I didn't want to get to many outfits that were exactly the same. I'm going to try and get coordinating outfits, but these were so cute and they didn't have them in any other colors, so Greg convinced me to get two of these shirts. They were only $3.00!

I've decided on blue and chocolate brown for the nursery. I originally looked up green and brown nursery ideas, since I was convinved I was having a boy and a girl. I like the painting in the nursery picture below and I might do something like that in our nursery. Or I might put up chair railing & paint the bottom half chocolate brown and paint blue strips on the top half. It's nice to know what color scheme we're going with now so I can start making some decisions.

**I have no idea who this is, I google imaged "green and brown" nurseries and this came up and I loved it, so I copied and pasted it into my "nursery ideas" folder.**

As far as names go, we have decided on Carter & Landon. Carter is set in stone, but we're going to try using the name Landon for the next couple of weeks and see how we feel. I have a list a mile long of boys names that I love, but Greg is very picky and this is the first one that we've both liked besides Carter. The middle names are going to be Lewis and George after both of our dads.

I'm so excited to start my planning & shopping. I think the next 4 months are going to fly by and I hope I can get everything I want done and still have time to enjoy being pregnant before it's over.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things this week:

Warm, sunny weather. I can't get enough! I love having the windows open, spending time on our deck, grilling out, the smell of fresh cut grass, etc.

Southern Living Magazine

The return of Glee. I love this show! Season 2 starts on Tuesday.

"What Southern Women Know (that every woman should)". The first book I've read in 4 months that doesn't deal with pregnancy or babies.

A new playlist for my ipod that includes Adam Lambert's new song "Whatcha Want From Me" Usher's "OMG" Carrie Underwood "Temporaray Home" Taylor Swift "Today Was a Fairytale" Miley Cyrus "When I Look at You" Rihanna "Rude Boy" etc.

We have our next appointment & ultrasound on Wednesday and we'll find out the sexes! I cannot wait. I can't wait to know what we're having and I can't wait to start planning the nursery, shopping for baby stuff, deciding on baby names, etc. Will it be two boys, a boy & a girl, or two girls? The suspense is driving me crazy. Wednesday cannot get here fast enough.