32 Before 32

1.       Lose 50lbs
2.       Complete Project 365
3.       Read the Bible
4.       Join a church
5.       Floss daily
6.       Complete a couch to 5k
7.       Learn how to use my camera
8.       Cut out soda
9.       Go to the gym 3-4 times a week
10.   Eat less processed/cleaner (do Whole 30 Challenge sometime this year)
11.   Cut back on spending
12.   Read 12 books (The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing, Bossypants, Dark Places, Our Fault In the Stars, The Husband's Secret 5/12)
13.   Update blog 4-5 times a week
14.   Go to Savannah
15.   Join MOPs
16.   Get professional family pics done
17.   Start canning
18.   Make a wreath for each season
19.   Tour Augusta, get to know the city better
20.   Get involved in MOMs club
21.   Go on some family trips. Tennessee, zoo, Stone Mountain, Atlanta, etc.
22.   Spend less time on Internet (less time pinning things and more time doing the things I pin)
23.   Be intentional with my time
24.   Organize our house (I have a specific plan for this and #25)
25.   Decorate the house
26.   Do something with our yard (front and back)
27.   Be in the picture
28.   Organize my recipes
29.   Do a year 3 and year 4 photobook of the boys
30.   Get more sleep
31.   Organize pictures
32.   Do better about keeping in touch with friends and family