Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bathroom Cabinet

 I have a lot I want to blog about, especially with our new house and all the boys are doing in Kindergarten, but I'll start with something I've been wanting to blog about since June-our bathroom cabinet. I pinned a bathroom cabinet on Pinterest ages ago and always wanted to have one like it in our bathroom. When we bought our new house and there was the perfect spot for it in our master bathroom, I started making plans to build it. The pin was from Shanty 2 Chic, which is a blog by two women who build all kinds of amazing things for their homes, like farmhouse tables, jewelry storage, and this bathroom cabinet.

I printed off the plans and we bought the material for the cabinet and then had to build it at my parents house. They had the tools to cut the wood and the space in their garage for us to work on it and stain it. Carter loved watching this thing be built. Anytime we were working on it, he had a chair pulled up, just watching us.

It's definitely not something Greg and I could have done ourselves. My parents helped out a lot!

It was the middle of summer when we were working on this thing and it was HOT, but I was so excited to get it done.
 I ended up going back over to my parents while the boys were in their summer program and staining it and working on it with my parents.

It took several days to do.

I was so excited to get this hung up in our new bathroom. It has a full length mirror on the front, which I love.

Since we built it, we could put the shelves where we wanted them. I brought a couple items over to my parents when we were making it so I could have all the shelves be exactly where I wanted them. I love having the top two being the perfect height for nail polish.

Just like the Shanty 2 Chic tutorial, I put two handles up for my hair dryer and flat iron.

I also glued a magnet strip to the inside door for bobby pins.

I absolutely love our bathroom cabinet and love that we were able to make it. I looked online for cabinets the same size as the one we made and they were outrageously expensive. Now that things are starting to calm down, I'm making a little list of other things I want to make for our house.


  1. I love it!!! Good job! I pinned the very same cabinet.

  2. Nice work! That cabinet provides a ton of shelf space, and looks good while doing it. I bet it helps to have such a crack team of family workers to help put it all together. Many hands make light work.

    I love the stain colours by the way! Looks very rustic!

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  3. Wow! This is so beautiful and amazing! It looks like something you bought, not something you made! So authentic. The staining is great and it looks like it is nestled so quaintly. My favorite part is the magnet strip for the bobby pins! How clever?!? I love your ingenuity. The cabinet looks great - I'm sure it looks even better in real life!

    Maxwell Frey @ Design Build Duluth