Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Play Dates and Parks

Monday, I hosted our weekly Moms of Multiples Playgroup at our house. It's been awhile since it's been at our house. I think the kids all had fun, I know my boys did. Like any play date, I think snacktime is the kids' favorite part. I made little sugar cookies and had grapes to give out, but the kids weren't that interested in the cookies, they wanted strawberries, yogurts, oranges, etc. The playgroup is made up of such healthy little eaters.
 I always think that how successful a play date went can be measured by how messy your house is afterwards. If your house is wrecked-that means the kids had a blast!
 After our play date was over, we watched a little bit of Monsters Inc before naptime. It's now the boys favorite movie and we've seen it several times in the past couple of days. I don't mind. it's cute, but not my favorite.

After naptime, on Monday, I went back to the consignment sale because they put out 8,000 new items on Monday morning, so I was hoping to get a few things. Greg played with the boys in the park outside the church, while I ran in to check things out. I was pretty disappointed and didn't find anything I was looking for.

Today, we went over to a neighbor's house for a play date. Her daughter just turned two last month, so she's about 5 months younger than the boys. They had a lot of fun playing with her and all the new toys.

Look at this fort, it has two major parts with a tunnel in between and everything. Evan spent most of his time in this thing. The boys LOVE forts.

My friend was even nice enough (and brave enough) to get out some paint for the kids to paint with. Evan painted for about 30 seconds and then he was done, but Carter sat and painted for a few minutes and really enjoyed it.

They're so cute!

Evan playing with a balloon that is tied to a string and is hanging from the staircase, such a good idea!

This piano played several different songs and you could set the keys to play different instruments like drums. The boys loved dancing to the music, but especially carter. He would clap when each song was over and ask for more, he really enjoyed dancing and moving around. (that is a fake snake on the floor)

another view of this great fort. The boys had a great time at our play date and I've learned that I'm definitely going to have to step it up in the fort making department. ;)

After the boys nap, we took them to the park. It cooled off really fast and was pretty chilly while we were there, but they had fun and the fresh air was nice.

I ordered the boys some books off Amazon and couldn't wait to get them in. I read this book a million times when I was a kid, it was one of my favorites. When I saw it on Amazon, I knew I had to get it for the boys. I read it to Carter tonight and he said he liked it. I can't wait for Greg to read it to Evan tomorrow night. I think I got these with the intention of giving them to them on Easter, but I was too excited to wait. Oops.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Bounce & Play, Shopping, and the Park

Greg had Friday off, so we had a nice 3 day weekend. Friday afternoon, Bounce & Play had their 3rd birthday party with pizza, cake, etc. It was free to get in, you just had to bring some canned food to donate, so took the boys. It was crazy, but they had a blast. They played hard.

They had the train out front giving rides, so we took the boys on a ride. they were so excited. You had to put your name on the list and they called you when it was your turn. We thought there'd be no way they'd stop playing once they got inside, but when they called our names, we told the boys it was time to ride the train and they stopped what they were doing immediately and ran outside. Getting all three "boys" to look at the camera and smile wasn't easy though. :)

I swear they were so excited and had such a fun time on the train, you can't really tell by the pictures, but they were happy. I promise. ;)

Carter gave me a smile.

They have a fish tank too there that you can feed the fish. Carter was so impressed with how big some of the fish were.

They had free pizza for everybody. Carter doesn't really love pizza, so he just drank his lemonade, but Evan, on the other hand, LOVES pizza. He ate his slice and Carter's slice.

Saturday morning, there was a consignment shop that happens twice a year. We have two here that come in the spring and fall and I've been looking forward to it. A friend of mine, whose son is in the boys preschool class, also has a 6 month old and her husband was out of town. I was telling Greg and he didn't miss a beat and said "have her drop him off and he can play with the boys and you guys go" Do I not have the most amazing husband?! He not only watched the boys so I could shop, he watched THREE 2.5 year old boys, so I could go shopping with a friend. AND he sent me these pictures while I was there of the boys playing. I just have to brag on him because I know I'm very lucky that he did that and I really appreciated it. (and so did my friend!)

How cute are they?!

After we got back from the consignment shop, we all went to Taco Bell to let all the kids play on the playground while we ate lunch. After the boys nap, I made them homemade gak. I was feeling like mom of the year making this stuff and could not wait for them to play with it. Carter wouldn't touch it and Evan was not impressed. :( I'm going to bring it out another day and see if they feel any differently. Hopefully they do, because I think this stuff is so much fun.

We were on our way to Sam's Club and the boys asked to go the park. It was 55 degrees out but we didn't have time to do both, but we figured we had Sunday to go to the grocery store. We decided to swing by the park instead.

The boys had so much fun. We haven't been to this park in awhile, so it was nice to go to a different park. They climbed so much and just had such a great time.

Today, we went to Sam's Club and the grocery store. We cleaned the house and got things ready for the week. We let the boys play outside in the yard for awhile and I tried to get the house picked up for the play date we're hosting tomorrow. I love 3 day weekends because I feel like we have time to do a lot of fun things as well as get the things done that we need to get done.

The only picture I have from today is from this morning, we were out of grapes and Evan saw the grape tomatoes and said he wanted that. So, he sat and ate a bunch of tomatoes as a snack. both boys also had salad for lunch. They love this bagged salad that we get and were begging me for bites, so I finally fixed them both a bowl and they ate it up. Evan practically licked his bowl clean. I need to blog about this so I can remember that it happened--especially on those days when I feel like all they eat are gold fish, blueberries and waffles. :)

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Discovery Museum and Yoder's

Wednesday morning, the boys and I met one of their friends from school at the Discovery Museum. I love taking the boys there, every time we go, I feel like they play with something new. I actually came across this post the other day about taking them to the museum for the first time. It was last June, but they look so young to me. All three boys were all over the place, so even though they didn't play together that much, they definitely had fun.

The boys really like the art room because there's markers, glue, scissors, etc.

The boys have started playing with things for longer periods of time. Carter played with this ball ramp for quite awhile.

Evan played with this thing for a long time, too.

Of course, we had to go over to the Freedom of Speech wall before we left. the boys always want to draw something really quick before we leave.

After Greg got home, we gave the boys the option to go to the park or go to Yoder's. They didn't hesitate and said Yoder's. I always make sure to take quarters with me to get some feed from the dispenser. the boys love feeding the goats. Being there reminded me of the first time we took them there. You can read about that here.

The boys loved the little baby goats.


It was freezing out. It seemed pretty nice when Greg got home, but by the time we got to Yoder's, it had cooled off a little bit and the wind had picked up.

We got dinner there and ate at some tables they had inside. We actually sat next to another family with twin girls. Seeing how much the boys could do while we were at Yoder's made me realize how much they've grown. They seem like such big kids to me now. I spent their naptime the next day going through old blog posts and looking at how much they've changed. I'm so glad that I've taken as many pictures as I have and that I've been blogging since they were born. I loved reading my old blog posts, even if they made me a little sad to see how fast they're growing up.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Books, Haircuts, and Shopping

Tuesday, the boys didn't have school. Their preschool goes by the county calendar and Tuesday was a teacher in service day or something. So, we hung out at the house that morning.

We made some forts, the boys love them and ask for them every single day. I love that Evan is smiling in this picture (even if Carter is a blur)

I used to know the boys were up to no good when it was silent. Now, I know they're up to no good when I hear laughter. I was in the other room and heard both boys cracking up. I knew something was up. They had opened the fridge and got their yogurt tubes out and I guess while trying to open them, they figured out they could squirt yogurt out. Yogurt was EVERYWHERE!

It was snowing and then it turned to rain, so I decided to make the bed into a couch and we watched a movie.

My mom gave me a big box of my old books when the boys were infants and I finally got that out for the boys. They love books. they had a lot of fun going through the books and having me read to them.

Carter reading a book that was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I remember having my parents read it over and over to me. I couldn't wait to read it to the boys and then when I did, I realized that it's not that great. I feel bad for making my parents read it so many times when I was a kid.

After Greg got off work, we went and got the boys hair cut. They've been needing hair cuts for awhile! They were so good, they really like getting their hair cut and they know the ladies will give them a lollipop afterwards. I ran into Old Navy since we were down there to get some shirts for the boys and they found this coloring station set up. How amazing is that?! Why don't all stores have this? I was actually able to shop and the boy colored.

If we get the boys hair cut just right, it'll be too long in a week or two, so we don't mess around and we get it short. Carter is really starting to like getting his picture taken. it used to be Evan, but now he's kinda over it, but at least one will smile for me.