Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Same Ol' Same Ol'

I feel like every blog post is the exact same thing. This cold, nasty weather has really limited what we can do, and I feel like we do the same things over and over and over. There's only a few places we can take the boys to get out of the house that doesn't cost a lot and that's age appropriate, so I guess we'll keep doing those things until spring gets here.

Thursday night, I had a MOPs meeting, so I wanted to make sure that the boys went to bed good since Greg was on his own. We took them to Taco Bell because they have an indoor play area.

Carter and Evan like to play "help me" a lot and so this is Evan "helping" Carter climb. It's was so funny to watch them. He looks like he's hurting him, but they're having a blast.

Greg had Friday off and we had plans, but the snow ruined them. :( We wanted to try a nice children's museum in another town, but we would have had to leave early and the roads weren't clear.

So, we ended up sticking around and took the boys to lunch. They were well behaved and really enjoyed it. It's nice that we can all go out. It's still a lot of work and we don't plan on doing it a lot, but it's nice for days like Friday when we just wanted to get out of the house.

The boys love drinking out of restaurant cups and straws.

We took the boys to the children's museum on Friday afternoon and they had a lot of fun. They saw the Freedom of Speech wall when we left and wanted to do a little drawing. Then, we took the long way to get back to our car, they loved being able to just run around a little bit.

I saw this idea on Pinterest and let them do this Saturday afternoon. How did moms come up with ideas to entertain their kids before Pinterest?

The boys are obsessed with rocks lately. I had a vase with decorative rocks in it and they begged for the rocks and every since I gave them those, they have become their favorite toy. They play with them all the time. I bribed them to be good while I did my grocery shopping with a new bag of decorative rocks. The boys spent so much time dumping them in bowls, counting them, moving them from one place to another, etc.

Monday, we had our multiples play date. The boys played so good! They ate a ton and even did a craft. They wore themselves out. They almost feel asleep on the car ride home.

Monday, we had a house showing, so we had to come up with something to do. So, we went back to the museum again. Luckily, the boys don't seem to get tired of it.

I think Carter looks so little here. I love seeing them with older kids.

It had stopped raining when we left, so we let the boys take the long way to get back to our car. We basically go around the block. They just love it.

I think they love seeing all the cars going and new sights on the long way back to our car. Carter likes to point out the cars, flags, dogs, etc.
Even though I feel like all these posts are basically the same thing on a different day, I like to be able to look back and see what our days were like.

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