Sunday, February 24, 2013

Discovery Museum and Yoder's

Wednesday morning, the boys and I met one of their friends from school at the Discovery Museum. I love taking the boys there, every time we go, I feel like they play with something new. I actually came across this post the other day about taking them to the museum for the first time. It was last June, but they look so young to me. All three boys were all over the place, so even though they didn't play together that much, they definitely had fun.

The boys really like the art room because there's markers, glue, scissors, etc.

The boys have started playing with things for longer periods of time. Carter played with this ball ramp for quite awhile.

Evan played with this thing for a long time, too.

Of course, we had to go over to the Freedom of Speech wall before we left. the boys always want to draw something really quick before we leave.

After Greg got home, we gave the boys the option to go to the park or go to Yoder's. They didn't hesitate and said Yoder's. I always make sure to take quarters with me to get some feed from the dispenser. the boys love feeding the goats. Being there reminded me of the first time we took them there. You can read about that here.

The boys loved the little baby goats.


It was freezing out. It seemed pretty nice when Greg got home, but by the time we got to Yoder's, it had cooled off a little bit and the wind had picked up.

We got dinner there and ate at some tables they had inside. We actually sat next to another family with twin girls. Seeing how much the boys could do while we were at Yoder's made me realize how much they've grown. They seem like such big kids to me now. I spent their naptime the next day going through old blog posts and looking at how much they've changed. I'm so glad that I've taken as many pictures as I have and that I've been blogging since they were born. I loved reading my old blog posts, even if they made me a little sad to see how fast they're growing up.

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