Thursday, February 21, 2013

Books, Haircuts, and Shopping

Tuesday, the boys didn't have school. Their preschool goes by the county calendar and Tuesday was a teacher in service day or something. So, we hung out at the house that morning.

We made some forts, the boys love them and ask for them every single day. I love that Evan is smiling in this picture (even if Carter is a blur)

I used to know the boys were up to no good when it was silent. Now, I know they're up to no good when I hear laughter. I was in the other room and heard both boys cracking up. I knew something was up. They had opened the fridge and got their yogurt tubes out and I guess while trying to open them, they figured out they could squirt yogurt out. Yogurt was EVERYWHERE!

It was snowing and then it turned to rain, so I decided to make the bed into a couch and we watched a movie.

My mom gave me a big box of my old books when the boys were infants and I finally got that out for the boys. They love books. they had a lot of fun going through the books and having me read to them.

Carter reading a book that was one of my favorites when I was a kid. I remember having my parents read it over and over to me. I couldn't wait to read it to the boys and then when I did, I realized that it's not that great. I feel bad for making my parents read it so many times when I was a kid.

After Greg got off work, we went and got the boys hair cut. They've been needing hair cuts for awhile! They were so good, they really like getting their hair cut and they know the ladies will give them a lollipop afterwards. I ran into Old Navy since we were down there to get some shirts for the boys and they found this coloring station set up. How amazing is that?! Why don't all stores have this? I was actually able to shop and the boy colored.

If we get the boys hair cut just right, it'll be too long in a week or two, so we don't mess around and we get it short. Carter is really starting to like getting his picture taken. it used to be Evan, but now he's kinda over it, but at least one will smile for me.

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