Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Play Dates and Parks

Monday, I hosted our weekly Moms of Multiples Playgroup at our house. It's been awhile since it's been at our house. I think the kids all had fun, I know my boys did. Like any play date, I think snacktime is the kids' favorite part. I made little sugar cookies and had grapes to give out, but the kids weren't that interested in the cookies, they wanted strawberries, yogurts, oranges, etc. The playgroup is made up of such healthy little eaters.
 I always think that how successful a play date went can be measured by how messy your house is afterwards. If your house is wrecked-that means the kids had a blast!
 After our play date was over, we watched a little bit of Monsters Inc before naptime. It's now the boys favorite movie and we've seen it several times in the past couple of days. I don't mind. it's cute, but not my favorite.

After naptime, on Monday, I went back to the consignment sale because they put out 8,000 new items on Monday morning, so I was hoping to get a few things. Greg played with the boys in the park outside the church, while I ran in to check things out. I was pretty disappointed and didn't find anything I was looking for.

Today, we went over to a neighbor's house for a play date. Her daughter just turned two last month, so she's about 5 months younger than the boys. They had a lot of fun playing with her and all the new toys.

Look at this fort, it has two major parts with a tunnel in between and everything. Evan spent most of his time in this thing. The boys LOVE forts.

My friend was even nice enough (and brave enough) to get out some paint for the kids to paint with. Evan painted for about 30 seconds and then he was done, but Carter sat and painted for a few minutes and really enjoyed it.

They're so cute!

Evan playing with a balloon that is tied to a string and is hanging from the staircase, such a good idea!

This piano played several different songs and you could set the keys to play different instruments like drums. The boys loved dancing to the music, but especially carter. He would clap when each song was over and ask for more, he really enjoyed dancing and moving around. (that is a fake snake on the floor)

another view of this great fort. The boys had a great time at our play date and I've learned that I'm definitely going to have to step it up in the fort making department. ;)

After the boys nap, we took them to the park. It cooled off really fast and was pretty chilly while we were there, but they had fun and the fresh air was nice.

I ordered the boys some books off Amazon and couldn't wait to get them in. I read this book a million times when I was a kid, it was one of my favorites. When I saw it on Amazon, I knew I had to get it for the boys. I read it to Carter tonight and he said he liked it. I can't wait for Greg to read it to Evan tomorrow night. I think I got these with the intention of giving them to them on Easter, but I was too excited to wait. Oops.

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