Monday, February 25, 2013

Bounce & Play, Shopping, and the Park

Greg had Friday off, so we had a nice 3 day weekend. Friday afternoon, Bounce & Play had their 3rd birthday party with pizza, cake, etc. It was free to get in, you just had to bring some canned food to donate, so took the boys. It was crazy, but they had a blast. They played hard.

They had the train out front giving rides, so we took the boys on a ride. they were so excited. You had to put your name on the list and they called you when it was your turn. We thought there'd be no way they'd stop playing once they got inside, but when they called our names, we told the boys it was time to ride the train and they stopped what they were doing immediately and ran outside. Getting all three "boys" to look at the camera and smile wasn't easy though. :)

I swear they were so excited and had such a fun time on the train, you can't really tell by the pictures, but they were happy. I promise. ;)

Carter gave me a smile.

They have a fish tank too there that you can feed the fish. Carter was so impressed with how big some of the fish were.

They had free pizza for everybody. Carter doesn't really love pizza, so he just drank his lemonade, but Evan, on the other hand, LOVES pizza. He ate his slice and Carter's slice.

Saturday morning, there was a consignment shop that happens twice a year. We have two here that come in the spring and fall and I've been looking forward to it. A friend of mine, whose son is in the boys preschool class, also has a 6 month old and her husband was out of town. I was telling Greg and he didn't miss a beat and said "have her drop him off and he can play with the boys and you guys go" Do I not have the most amazing husband?! He not only watched the boys so I could shop, he watched THREE 2.5 year old boys, so I could go shopping with a friend. AND he sent me these pictures while I was there of the boys playing. I just have to brag on him because I know I'm very lucky that he did that and I really appreciated it. (and so did my friend!)

How cute are they?!

After we got back from the consignment shop, we all went to Taco Bell to let all the kids play on the playground while we ate lunch. After the boys nap, I made them homemade gak. I was feeling like mom of the year making this stuff and could not wait for them to play with it. Carter wouldn't touch it and Evan was not impressed. :( I'm going to bring it out another day and see if they feel any differently. Hopefully they do, because I think this stuff is so much fun.

We were on our way to Sam's Club and the boys asked to go the park. It was 55 degrees out but we didn't have time to do both, but we figured we had Sunday to go to the grocery store. We decided to swing by the park instead.

The boys had so much fun. We haven't been to this park in awhile, so it was nice to go to a different park. They climbed so much and just had such a great time.

Today, we went to Sam's Club and the grocery store. We cleaned the house and got things ready for the week. We let the boys play outside in the yard for awhile and I tried to get the house picked up for the play date we're hosting tomorrow. I love 3 day weekends because I feel like we have time to do a lot of fun things as well as get the things done that we need to get done.

The only picture I have from today is from this morning, we were out of grapes and Evan saw the grape tomatoes and said he wanted that. So, he sat and ate a bunch of tomatoes as a snack. both boys also had salad for lunch. They love this bagged salad that we get and were begging me for bites, so I finally fixed them both a bowl and they ate it up. Evan practically licked his bowl clean. I need to blog about this so I can remember that it happened--especially on those days when I feel like all they eat are gold fish, blueberries and waffles. :)

I hope everybody had a great weekend!

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