Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Twin Play Dates and Swim Lessons

The boys had their last day of their summer program on Thursday, I'm so glad that the boys did this. It was a great way for them to get used to their new school before school starts and they really enjoyed it. They seem to really like all the kids that they were there with and also their teachers.
They were not interested in getting a picture on the last day.

Friday, we met up with the twin moms group at McDonalds for a play date. The boys had a blast, we were there for about 2 hours. The play area is a lot bigger than the one at Chick-Fil-A so it fit our big group well. A couple of the moms have 4-5 kids, so there was a lot of us. I actually had my first encounter with somebody being ugly about kids. Several of us showed up at once, there were probably 15-20 kids playing on the play house and several of us moms were standing around talking. I was standing closest to a booth where there was a set of grandparents there with their two grandchildren. The woman started making these annoyed faces and turned to me and said "do they all have to be that loud" She said it very hateful and I was just so shocked that I just mumbled "I don't know" and turned back to the other moms. The thing is, the kids were all being really good. It was very loud, but none of the kids were screaming or anything, it was just the sounds of 20 kids (mostly 3 year olds) playing and having fun. She then gets up and says to me "I guess ya'll don't believe in discipline" and storms out and over to the counter to complain to an employee. Another one of the twin moms happened to be ordering and heard her complain about how all the kids were being loud and the employee told her if she didn't like it then she should not sit in the kids play area and that they were kids, what did she expect. She came back in and came back to me and the other moms and said "what happened to discipline, you can't discipline your kids? Look at him (pointing to her grandson who was eating) he's being quiet" She left shortly after that, but I was (and still am) so shocked. I've just never had anybody say anything like that to me. I wasn't expecting it, so I didn't have anything to say back, I'm not a confrontational person. I think the worst part about it was that the kids weren't being bad!! She didn't know who belonged to who, she definitely wasn't talking about Evan and Carter, they were being really good and not loud (for once) but if they were being bad, I could have and would have apologized and fixed it, but none of the kids were being loud. I've been to Chick-Fil-A or McDonald's where the kids are screaming (it just takes one and then they all start) but all these kids were just playing. Anyways, the whole encounter really bothered me, I thought about it a lot after we left. I'm hoping she was just having a bad day.

Anyways, besides being scolded by a stranger, the play date went really well. There were some moms that came to Hoppy Feet when we went a couple weeks ago and there were also some new moms that I got to meet. The kids are old enough that they actually play on play dates and the moms can actually talk. I also enjoy our twin play dates. Of course, I didn't get any pictures of the tons of kids that were there or the fun tree house that this McDonald's has, but I did get a pic of the two of them taking a very short break for some chocolate milk and apples.

I tried a couple new recipes last week. I made a crock pot cheesy enchilada quinoa. It turned out really good.

Greg really liked it too. It was easy and really filling. I topped mine with green onions (I love green onions) and we both added a spoonful of plain greek yogurt. I used hot rotel and enchilada sauce which gave it a good kick and the greek yogurt was nice and cold and the perfect topping for this.

Sunday, the boys and I went to church while Greg ran errands. The boys really, really like the kids church (I don't know if it's still called nursery at this age) The teacher is really nice and they do lots of crafts. We started going to this church at the end of April, beginning of May for a couple of weeks and then summer happened. So, we're trying to get back into the habit of going on Sunday mornings. I tried out the contemporary service for the first time, I didn't think I'd like it but I did, I really liked the band. I know that Greg would prefer that service and I know he'd love the music, so when he goes with me, I'll go to that one and when I go by myself, I think I'll go to the traditional service.

Sunday night, I made zoodles for the first time with my Veggetti. I topped them with some homemade spaghetti sauce using tomatoes from my parents garden. I'm excited to try some new recipes with my veggetti and hopefully share some on the blog.

Today the boys started swim lessons. They'll be going Monday-Thursday from 10-10:45 for the next two weeks. I think going that many days in a row and being able to use what you just learned and build on it will really help the boys with their swimming. The last lessons they took were once a week and that just wasn't enough to learn what they needed to learn.

I asked the boys if they were excited the night before and Evan said no. I asked him why and he said "if I don't have my floaties, I'll sink" Poor thing. I assured him that he wouldn't sink.

The boys had a hard time sitting still during swim lessons, they splashed and played a little too much with the other kids while the teacher was working one on one with the kids and taking them in the pool. The other ones that were sitting on the ledge, waiting, got antsy. I ended up having to take away a couple of things (play time at the pool afterwards and freezer pops that they wanted when we got home) for not listening. Besides that, the boys did really good with the swim instruction. They were excited when it was their turn and they seemed to get what the teacher was telling them.

They practiced putting their face under the water and swimming without a floaty.

Evan was so proud of himself when it was over, he said "Mommy, the teacher didn't drop me! I did it, I did it!" It was very sweet.

We were going to stay and play, but since they didn't listen about not splashing, rough housing, etc. we went straight home and changed. They were upset, it was a rough ride home, but after we got home, they calmed down and both, independently (and unprompted) came up to me and apologized for not obeying. It really felt good hearing that, I think they understood what they did wrong and felt bad about it. We talked about the swim lessons tomorrow and they are excited to go and they promise to listen better. I've been looking back on my blog a lot lately (from posts a couple years old) and I wish I had put a little more detail about some day to day things we dealt with, especially now that we're past it, it's just nice for me when I look back on it, so that's why I'm putting these details from the swim lessons.

After the boys calmed down, we made a trip to Target. I had to pick up Carter's new epipens for the new school year (which I got for free after downloading a coupon online) The boys wanted to hold hands walking in, and lately they get mad when we tell them to hold hands in the parking lot, so it was nice to see.

The boys are obsessed with popcorn and have decided that the fire station in Carter's room is actually a popcorn machine and they put blocks (the popcorn) in it and make it and go around the house "eating" it and offering it to me and Greg, then they go up and make more. They do it all day long, so I told them I'd get them some popcorn to eat while we shopped and of course, the machine is down! Luckily, they had bagged popcorn that you could get, so I was able to return something, look around, get the prescriptions, and they were distracted by popcorn.

I let the boys pick out their backpacks for the new school year. They need something bigger than what they have that can fit a folder. I picked these out on our date night the other weekend, but decided not to get them so I could let the boys pick out their own. I didn't point anything out, the boys saw the backpacks and picked this one out immediately. Both boys picked the same backpack.

They also got a matching water bottle. The one they have for school now leaks, so I'm hoping this "spill proof" label is true, and how cute that it matches their back pack. I wanted to get the matching lunch box, but they already have lunch boxes that work just fine, so I refrained. :)

I went to wake up Carter this afternoon and he looks so happy while he's sleeping. I think it looks like he's smiling. So sweet.

I'm going to do a blog post about their first tball game on Saturday, it went well, but I took a lot of pictures, so I'll do a post just about that.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Play Dates and Surgery

Monday, the boys and I had a play date with my friend and her daughter. I've been friends with Melissa since high school and we haven't been getting together nearly enough since I moved back. Her daughter, Taylor, is 2 years older than the boys, but that's close enough in age that we have plenty of things to do that they'll all enjoy. So, Monday morning, Melissa and Taylor came over and we loaded in my van and went to the slash park.

We ended up staying almost 3 hours. The kids had a blast.

The boys spent most of the time on the splash pad. They'd go over to the park for a little bit, but it was so hot that they'd come back to the splash pad to cool off.

Taylor spent most of her time on the park, but the park and splash pad are set up that Melissa and I were able to stand in the middle and chat while keeping an eye on all the kids.

A rare moment where all 3 kids were on the park at the same time.

The boys are in their last week of their summer program. Thursday is the last day. They start school on August 8th, so about 3 weeks off. But, they'll be staying busy with swim lessons, tball, and play dates. The boys were not interested in taking a picture together Tuesday morning.

Carter and several other kids in his class are obsessed with searching for bugs on the playground. I think it was the first or second day when I picked him up that he told me they had found roly pollies (is that plural for poly?) and ever since, there's a huge group looking for bugs every day that I pick them up. He normally likes to play on the park when we get to school early, but this morning he decided to look for bugs.

Evan got out some energy before I dropped them off at class.

After dropping the boys off, I met my mom at my house and she took me to have my second dental surgery. I'm getting an tooth implant and it's done over a few visits. Greg picked up the boys from school and took today off, so I could relax and recover. My dad's having knee replacement surgery today, so my mom is at the hospital with him. Greg brought me a milkshake to eat for lunch. I've been trying really hard the past 4-5 weeks to eat healthy and make it to the gym, so this was a nice treat. I had to fast until my surgery at 11:00, so having this around 1:30 counted as breakfast and lunch. :)
While I was eating my delicious Cook Out milkshake, this baby got delivered. I've been wanting one for awhile and I'm so excited. It's perfect timing, so instead of eating my weight in ice cream while I'm recovering, I'm reading up on how to use this, I'm hoping to be able to start working out again on Saturday.

Nothing much is up today. The pain is a lot better than yesterday, but I'm still having to take the pain medicine, which is actually the main reason Greg took off today. The side effects of the medicine I'm on make me pretty much useless around here, so Greg and the boys are having a boys day with trips to the gym, mall and pool.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up, PNO and Aiken

Saturday night, we took the boys to Parents night out at the Y. The boys enjoy this as much as we do and ask to go back all week. Here's a quick picture before they unlocked the doors and let us in.

Greg and I went to Chili's and ordered off the Lighter Choice menu. I'm so proud of us for being good on our date.

We normally go out and get ice cream after dinner on our date nights, but we've been trying to eat healthier lately. We went by Sonic and Greg got a small vanilla cone and I got a diet sprite with diet cherry in it. I was very proud of myself for not getting ice cream.

I got a route 44 and sipped on it long after we picked up the boys and put them to bed.

The boys had gone outside during PNO and played with chalk, so when we picked them up, they had to show us all the drawings.

I've been trying to do more crafts with the boys this summer. They do a craft every day at their summer program and they are always so happy to show it to me when I pick them up. So, we've started working on crafts at home. I pinned several easy crafts on Pinterest and have a ton of holiday themed ones for this winter when we need some craft time. The boys made an octopus out of a toilet paper roll this week. It was so easy and cheap and they loved it.

Sunday, we drove up to Aiken, South Carolina to go to a splash pad. Another mom in my moms group told me about it and it was only a 45 minute drive, so we figured we'd check it out. The ones in Augusta are small and most just have water squirting out of the ground, so we were hoping for something a little more interactive. This one was small but had a lot to do and the boys had a blast.

It was sports themed and had a pool, which the boys loved. All the kids that were there were really well behaved, too.

There was a large squirt gun that you could point and shoot water out of.

I packed the boys a lunch for them to have there.

I have no idea why this yellow thing was so fun, but after the boys started playing with this, it was all they played with until we left. They loved this thing. The water didn't come out all the time, just every few seconds, so the boys loved waiting for it and squealing when it came out.

It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Carter slipped and scratched up his knees and foot. And if you know Carter, you know he is very dramatic when he gets hurt. Evan came over and saw the blood and said "We have an emergency, somebody call a doctor!" So, I guess we have two very dramatic boys. ;) Luckily, I had 4 bandaids with me and was able to put one on all of the scratches, but after this, Carter was done. But, we spent a good hour there and the boys had a blast.

We loved the splash park we took the boys to in Charlottesville, it was big and had lots to do. The ones here just aren't as good. I did a little research and found out that Columbia has 13 splash pads, so the boys and I may be making some day trips to Columbia before school starts to check some out.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tball and Monkey Joes

While we were at Hoppy Feet on Wednesday, I ran into another mom who's son was on the boys' soccer team. She told me how she signed her son up for indoor tball. I've been on the fence all summer about putting the boys into that, but just never did it. She talked highly of it, so we decided to enroll the boys, their first practice was Thursday. The boys were so excited.

This was about as good as I could get before we left the house.

They were being so silly.

The tball is at Wesley Methodist church, a church that we like a lot and have been to a few time. It's indoors, which is nice because it's way to hot to be outside playing tball right now.

The boys were not having their "first tball practice picture" they were not interested.

This was the best I got.

Look at the expression on Carter's face, he's such a stinker!!

The other kids on their team seem to be about the same skill level as the boys, which is nice. We worked on rolling the ball, catching, throwing, swinging the bat, and running the bases.

The practice started and ended with stretches. When the coach divided everybody up so they could all be working on different things, she sent Carter to go roll/catch the ball and Evan got up to go with him and she said "Oh, Evan, maybe you can go....." and he said "We're brothers, we stick together" (as he was holding his hand) it was really cute. I've been on the fence about letting them be in the same class last year and I finally decided last week that I wanted them in the same class, that's a whole other post, but seeing how much they wanted to be with each other helped solidify my decision for me.

The boys favorite part was running the bases.

And of course, snack time. So, we went to the Thursday practice this week, but the boys will actually be on a different team, so started next week, we'll meet on Tuesdays from 5:45-6:30 for practice and on Saturdays (starting on the 19th) for games. The last game will be on August 9th, so it's not a super long season, but it's a great start and way to get them exposed to another sport.

Friday, we went to the gym and when we came home, I let the boys use chalk on the sidewalk. They've been wanting to do it for awhile, so I got it out and said they could do it for as long as they like.

But, they started off with snacks.

The boys love drawing.

Then a random cat came up on our porch and the boys were in love.

Here they are asking her if she'd please draw with chalk with them. Haha. They wanted her to play with them so bad. It was so precious.

Then, we worked on an octopus craft. I had plans to make jellyfish out of paper plates, but when I went to pick them up from school on Thursday, they had already made them!

Friday afternoon, we were going to drive to Aiken, SC to go to a splash park, but it started raining and was really cloudy, so we took them to Monkey Joes instead. We had a coupon and the boys ended up having a blast.

They played hard for almost 2 hours. They were worn out when we got home.

Next week is a busy week, the boys have their last week of summer program, I'm getting a minor dental surgery, the boys have t-ball and then start swim lessons on the 21st. Lots of fun, summery things to keep us busy (except for the surgery, that's not so fun)