Saturday, March 7, 2015

Valentine's Day

The boys had a Valentine's party at school the day before Valentine's day. I was one of the party moms, so I got to plan it with two other moms and then go there for the party. We had a snack, a craft, a game, and then storytime. The day of the party was also Greg's last day of his online class, which happened to get out early. One of the party moms wasn't able to attend the party, so Greg decided last minute to come with me and help out. The boys were so excited to see Greg there. I was afraid they'd get too hyped up, but they were so good for the party.

We started off with Valentine's lofthouse cookies, grapes and juice.

One of the other party moms got all the kids red, heart balloons to take home, so they had those tied to their chairs. That was definitely the highlight of the entire party, all the kids loved the balloons.

After the kids finished with their snacks, they started on their Valentine's craft. I came up with the craft because I didn't want to get stuck trying to think of a game for a classroom of 4 year olds to play. I decided on a heart shaped bird feeder I found on Pinterest. It was super cheap, easy for the kids to do and they all loved it, mainly because they got to eat their leftover fruit loops, but I'll take it!

You string fruit loops on a pipe cleaner, mold it into a heart shape, tie a piece of string to it and hang it in a tree. Super easy.

The other party mom came up with a fun, racing game for the kids. They had to pick up Valentine's candy out of a bucket with a spoon, carry it across the run and dump it into another bucket and then hand the spoon to the next person in line. The team who filled their bucket up first, won.

They declared it a tie at the end.

Afterwards, Greg read the kids a couple of stories. He read How Do Dinosaurs Say I Love You and I Love You, Stinkyface. The kids listened really well and they all thought I Love You, Stinkyface was funny. It was so cute hearing the kids laugh at him reading that book.

The boys had a lot of fun at the Valentine's party and I'm glad Greg was able to be apart of it.

On Valentine's Day, we went to Barnes and Noble for story time. Evan wasn't interested, so Greg took him to the play area and I took Carter to hear the story.

Then, after the story was over, we met up and they played legos.

And then we played in the kids play area.

The boys were happy to get some energy out.

They always have to go sit in all the cars (helicopters, buses, etc) even though we never put money in them. They're just happy to sit in them all and play with the buttons.

But, we do have to give them a penny any time we pass a fountain. Every.single.time.

After the mall, we went out to Monterey's for lunch.

When we got home, the boys opened their Valentine's packages from Grandma and Grandpa. They were so excited about getting new puzzles.

And like always, they were very excited to get cards!

Carter did his puzzle.

Then, the boys worked on their robot necklaces that I got them from the dollar spot at Target.

I put the boys in their tie and bowtie shirts for church that Sunday, but Carter was not interested in taking a picture.

I did get a picture of Evan smiling, though.

That wraps up our Valentine's weekend.  

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