Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kroc Center

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to switch gyms. We really like the Y and the boys love the child care, but the child care hours do not work well with what we need right now. We've talked about joining the Kroc Center for awhile now, but there's only one location and it's downtown, so that means more of a drive. We realized we weren't going to the gym because of the child care hours, so we decided to switch. There's no contract with the Kroc Center or the Y, so we'll probably do this until the summer and then switch to the Y when they open up their outdoor pool. We spend a lot of time there in the summer, so it's definitely worth it. Then, when fall comes, we can switch back to the Kroc Center.

Another reason for wanting to switch is because of the amazing indoor pool the Kroc Center has. It has such a great kids pool area with slides and sprinklers. The boys love it and it's been fun to go workout on the weekends and then let the boys play in the pool afterwards. I think this is going to help us through the rest of the winter, which seems to be lasting forever this year.

The boys were so thrilled the first time we went.

The childcare is open from 1-4 on Sundays, which is great. We go to church, come home, eat lunch and then head over to the gym. Greg and I get in a workout while the boys are in the child care and then we take them to the pool afterwards to play.

They love this slide. I took the boys here for Toddler Tuesday last May and they loved it then too. Evan jumps right on it without any hesitation but Carter took awhile before he wanted to go down it, just like last year. He finally went down it after being in the pool for awhile and loved it and went down it over and over.

The boys love the sprinklers.

Greg got in with them and took them through the lazy river, which was fun.

There's tons of sprayers throughout the lazy river that the boys loved.

They were so funny in these tubes. They didn't like riding like this. Evan is so skinny, he starts slipping through and Carter doesn't like to sit all the way in it, so he'd hold his body up while they were riding in them like this.

There's an enormous slide that you have to be 48 inches to ride, but the boys aren't tall enough yet. Every time we go, they go up to the height board and say "still not tall enough" haha. We saw an opportunity as soon as they said "Aw...we're not tall enough" We immediately said "well, if you eat your vegetables, you'll get taller faster" Haha, it's made getting them to try new vegetables and things much easier.

The boys put on their puddle jumpers and swam around for awhile with Greg.

Carter going down, when he finally decided he was ready.

We've been several times already. We've been able to work out more often because of the child care hours and I've taken the boys a couple times just to the pool when it's been too nasty to do anything else.

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