Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

**I had to go back and edit this post. I never proofread my posts (or edit my pictures) because I just don't have time, but I took some Benadryl last night for my allergies and then pushed through the drowsiness to get this post up before going to bed. I barely remember writing it and when I saw the notification this morning that it posted, I knew I had to go through and check it. Sorry if you read this before I went back and fixed some of the errors, it was a mess---even more so than usual, so that's saying a lot!!**

Monday, the boys wore green to school because they had their St. Patrick's Day parade at school. All the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes held their parade on Monday. The boys also brought in their potato people that they were given for homework. They seemed happy with how their super potatoes turned out, so I'm happy.

The back of the potatoes, with the capes.

At the end of the day, all the kids put on a parade for the parents. It was really cute and all the kids did really good.,

They had on their green, some fun hats they made in class and a noise maker that they got to shake while walking.

I hope this clip works, it's so cute.

I got one picture of the boys before heading home because I knew I wouldn't get them both in green and in their hats if I didn't do it then.

The boys spent the rest of the afternoon with Greg at the park, while I went to class. The next day, which was St. Patrick's day, I got up and made the boys green pancakes in the shape of a clover. They looked better in person, nothing spectacular, but the boys loved them. They got green milk to go with it, too, so they were very excited.

After breakfast, the boys got dressed in green and we headed out. It was a beautiful day and I didn't tell the boys we were going, I told them it was a surprise. They had it figured out before we got there, but they loved the secrecy of it. I took them to this playground next to the lake on Ft. Gordon. The playground is on sand, so the boys loved playing in the sand. We bring a picnic lunch and always feed the geese and it's just a great place to go in the spring and fall. I've blogged about coming here before in this post and this one

We brought tons of sand toys and the boys wore their flip flops, so they played in the sand as soon as we got there.

They found some rocks they wanted to throw in the lake, so we had to go out there to throw rocks.

I brought my schoolwork, thinking maybe I could get some done while they played, but it was so windy, it kept ripping my pages, so I figured it wasn't meant to be and I joined the boys in playing and feeding geese.

Feeding the geese is definitely the highlight of the trip. I had several bags of stale bread, so I brought it all.

The boys loved throwing the pieces of bread to the geese and duck. I did too, though.

I got lot of pictures of the same things--sorry about that!

We had a lot of bread and the boys were so cute about it, I had get lots of pictures.

I couldn't believe how lucky we got with the weather. It was warm, but not miserable. It was perfect.

These two posing for me.

After all that playing and feeing the birds, they boys worked up quite an appetite. I packed the boys  a lunch because I knew they'd be starving.

After eating, it was back to investigating things.

We decided to check out the other side of the lake.

This side was shaded better and I thought it had a more calming feeling and I even liked the view better.

We stayed for about 2 1/2 hours, so I know they were started to get tired towards the end, so these benches were the perfect thing for them.

On last picture--it's all so beautiful there.

Greg got off work and met us at the lake, we switched cars and I drove to Aiken for an advising appointment. Greg took the boys downtown to the library and they ran into a St. Patrick's day parade, so he parked and they got out and were able to watch the parade. Both boys got several green bead necklaces and lots of candy. I think overall, they had a great St. Patrick's day. Tuesdays is our only day of the week that we have free, so I love it when we do something fun as a family on those days.


  1. I think I missed something. What are you going back to school for? How fun!

    1. Yeah, I got my bachelor's in psychology, which I can't really do anything with. So, I'm taking the prerequisites for nursing and I'm hoping to start nursing school in January.