Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hoppy Feet and Spring Weather

A picture dump post covering the past week.

The boys were so excited to be able to go to school and not need coats. They're also loving their new spring clothes. I'm not done shopping for them for spring and summer yet, but if they keep getting so excited every time I show them a new shirt or shorts I got them, I may never be done--it's so cute! And it makes me want to buy all the clothes!!

We went to Toddler Tuesday last week with my mom. I had said that we wouldn't be going back for the toddler part of it because I thought the boys were a little too old for it, but when I told them we were going to go to the pool, Evan said "and storytime? yay!" So, we did the whole thing, the playing with toys beforehand, the story time, and then the pool. As long as the boys like it and have fun, that's all that matters.

Listening to the story.

Another day of new shirts. We were doing car line, so I tried to get a picture in the car but it wasn't easy.

This is what I was dealing with. Haha.

They were either making a face or not in the frame at the same time.

I love getting pictures of the boys before we go into Bible Study on Thursdays and before church on Sundays. I think it'll be fun to compare them and see how they change throughout the year. Last Thursday was another warm day, so the boys didn't have to wear coats.

Friday, we went to Hoppy Feet. Every Friday is buy one get one free admission, so when we go, it's always on a Friday. It was raining and nasty out, so it was a great day to go somewhere they could get some energy out.

They had a good time. Carter played on this area most of the time.

Evan was obsessed with the games. We didn't put any quarters in, so he's not actually playing them, but he thinks he is.

He would have played on the games all day, if I would have let him.

The boys have outgrown almost all their pajamas. I've been hoping to find the Carter's brand sets I like at Sam's club or for Target to put their Carter sets on sale, but neither has happened, so I got the boys a pack of white tank tops and plain white t shirts and they've been using those and whatever random pants or shorts I find. Evan is obsessed with these tank tops. I thought "toddler wife beaters" would be so cute. I think they're so country and just thought they'd be adorable. But, I think Kevin Federline and pretty much everybody who's ever appeared on Cops has ruined wifebeaters (the tank top) for me. Hopefully Evan looks more country precious than law breaking redneck.

*and yes, I feel weird using the term "wifebeater" to describe something my sweet 4 year old is wearing, but that's what they are, I don't even know what else people call them. We just say tank top when talking to our boys, but if I were talking to another adult, I wouldn't say "tank top" that's what you'd use if you were referring to something that isn't an undershirt. These are just called "wifebeaters" is this a southern thing? Is that what everybody calls them? Now I'm going to have to go research this, maybe take a Facebook poll and find out what other people call these*

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  1. Oh my goodness. Look at those little "Man Pajamas!" Eeek. They look so grown up!