Monday, March 2, 2015

CFA Stuffed Animal Sleepover

A few months ago, Chick Fil A hosted a Stuffed Animal Sleepover. Kids got to come in and bring a stuffed animal to drop off. They did a craft and then tucked their stuffed animal in and left. CFA updated their Facebook page with pictures of things the stuffed animals did overnight, like storytime, playing in the play area, eating, games, movies, etc. Then, the next morning, the kids came and had a free breakfast, picked up their stuffed animals and received a goodie bag. It was cute and the boys were excited about it, so we decided to participate.

Here's the boys with the stuffed animals they picked to take to the sleepover.

They made little sleeping masks for their stuffed animal and one for them to wear.

Greg helping Evan with his masks.

Evan saying goodbye to his smurf.

Carter saying bye to Mummy Bear.

Both boys insisted on wearing their sleeping masks to bed. I went back up there after they were asleep and took them off because of the strings, but I let them go to bed with the masks on.

Evan going to bed.

I don't know how that thing was comfortable, but the boys loved them.

I showed the boys the pictures the next morning that Chick Fil A put on their Facebook page and the boys got a big kick out of seeing their stuffed animals having a fun night. We went and had breakfast and picked up Smurf and Mummy Bear. Afterwards, we went to storytime at Barnes and Noble.

Carter could keep himself entertained for the longest time just playing with the toys they have there.

Story time

The mouse from "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" came by, which was really cute.

Afterwards, the boys did coloring & activity pages that went along with the books that were read.

That night, we had movie night. We picked "Bee Movie" and since it's something the boys have seen before, I tried to make it a little more fun by getting out their stuffed bees and doing a bee craft beforehand.

This was the original bees the boys made, but the faces were just too big, so we fixed that a couple days later.

After the movie, the boys had bananas drizzled with honey. They were so excited to eat honey after watching the movie. I was a little short on bee ideas, but they had a good time, so it worked.

Here's our bees a couple days later when we redid the face part. I think they look cuter this way.

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