Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Riding Around and Picture Outtakes

Last week, my parents were in Texas, so today, we went over to go visit them and catch up. It's been a week or two since we've seen them. My dad got a new "toy" that he couldn't wait to take the boys for a ride in. The boys were equally excited. The boys are still small enough that they can both sit up front and share a seatbelt. They only went slowly around my parents property.

The boys LOVED this thing.

I love how Evan looks a little scared about something.

Happy boys.

I finally got my nice camera out after months of not using it and I can tell a difference between those pictures and the ones I take with my phone, like this one below.

After the boys ride, they decided to play in the front yard with some bubbles.

They rode their bikes and colored with chalk. Then, they helped me decide on what props to use for our Easter pictures. Easter came out of nowhere, so was scrambling this morning to get a few things so I could take their pictures while I was at my parents. It's calling for rain most of this week and the days it's not, it's going to be cold and it's on days that we have things planned. So, we decided to just take a few pictures of them for Easter, but I'm saving the big photo shoot for our Lemonade stand we have big plans for.

Evan drew Greg for me because he said "I love him and must miss him so much" awww...

There was some jumping rope.

Then, while we were headed out to go home, the boys convinced Papaw to give them one more ride, but this time, they wanted to sit in the back.

They had a blast. On the way home, evan said "it was the funnest thing he's ever done, ever more funner than LEGOLAND. He thought LEGOLAND was the best, but this is the best" haha. It was so cute hearing this conversation. Carter also agreed with Evan that this is the best thing ever, even better than their bikes and sidewalk chalk.
I just snapped a few pictures of the boys. I just wanted a decent one to have to send family Easter pictures. But, as you know, photo shoots with twin boys don't always go as planned. Here's some outtakes of our tiny little session today. Evan's expression in this one cracks me up!!!  

Carter kept getting lower.....

And lower.......

I thought the arm around each other would be sweet, but it's only sweet if it's not a chokehold.

Or uncomfortable looking

A sweet kiss on the cheek was my idea--how sweet is that? Well.....

Carter did not feel it was sweet and did not want anything to do with this kiss.

I tried to get a couple of Carter by himself, but he snarled up his nose at me.

More of the escape!

Yeah, Carter was not having any of that.
These boys are a mess, but they did have a blast at my parents this afternoon. They played outside, played in the sand box, rode on the porch swing, rode their bikes, blew bubbles, etc. I'm sending a few family members some Easter cards. After they've received the Easter cards, I'll post the rest of this little Easter session we attempted today.

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