Monday, March 9, 2015

Legoland Atlanta

A couple weekends ago, we went to Legoland in Atlanta. We asked for tickets for Christmas this year instead of anything for me or Greg. We don't need anything and we'd much rather have something we can go do. It was about a 2.5 hour drive there. It was freezing, so it was the perfect thing to do on a Saturday since we couldn't go outside. I tried to get a picture of the boys before we went in and this is what I got. Haha. Evan's face.

We had no idea what to expect because we've never been there and I don't know anybody who has taken their kids there. I found it online and thought it sounded fun. The boys are getting into Legos now and they really like the movie, so we thought they'd enjoy it.

They only let a certain number of people in at a time, so we made reservations for a time online. Once we picked up our tickets at the front, we went to a waiting room where we had to wait with a few other people for a couple of minutes and then they let us all in at the same time. The waiting room was pretty neat though, with lots of fun lego figures.

Like these.

And this

All the big figures are made out of Legos!

When we got in, they showed us how Lego's are made and the kids were able to push some buttons and check it all out. After that, we all got a free souvenir Lego and were set free to do what we wanted. There was a fun ride that is hard to explain and I didn't get any pictures and then a huge room with just the city of Atlanta done in Legos. It was the coolest thing.

Even the boys got a kick out of it.

I could have walked around and looked at it all day, it was so neat.

I love the Stone Mountain section.

The Varsity, which is actually where we went to lunch after LEGOLAND.

After you leave that room, there was lots to do. The boys wanted to go on the ride first, so we did that. I rode with Evan and Greg rode with Carter.

It was like a carnival ride, but it was Lego themed and the boys loved it.

There was a huge place to make cars and lots of roads and tracks to race them on.

Greg helped the boys make some cars to race.

Some people were serious business about these cars. We just stuck four wheels to something and the boys were happy.

Evan recognized this guy from the movie.

There was a Lego house that looked like the girl Lego sets that are out. The boys thought that was pretty neat, too.

And there was kid karaoke. Evan is not shy and did not mind at all going up to the mike and singing his heart out. He had no idea what the words were supposed to be, he just made up his own.

He's quite pleased with himself. See the guy behind him in the yellow and black coat? I recognized him the second I saw him and I looked at Greg and he mouthed "where do we know him from?" He's from Flip that House-Atlanta. I was very excited about our little celebrity sighting. :)

Here's a couple pictures from Google images of what he looked like on the show.

After the boys played for awhile, we went to the 4d movie they had. We've gone to a few at Stone Mountain with the boys, but this was 100x better. It wasn't a movie that they turned into 3d later, it was one that was made just for this reason, so there was tons of things popping out of the screen and the boys kept reaching up trying to touch it. They really enjoyed it.

Evan never takes pictures with me, so I was excited that he was willing to that day.

One last picture with a figure before we left. There was a big play area, with climbing and things for the kids that I didn't get a picture of. It was smaller than we expected, it's in the mall, but it was a lot of fun. The boys had a blast and have asked several times to go back.

After we left, we decided to get lunch at the Varsity. Greg and I went there a few times when we lived in Kennesaw, but we thought it'd be fun to take the boys and we wanted to eat somewhere we don't have in Augusta.

The boys enjoyed their food and I loved the booth we got, next to the window that we could look out and see Atlanta.

Not a healthy place to eat, but definitely delicious. Evan shared the onion rings with me. He'll pull the onion out of the batter and eat it by itself (then eat the batter by itself) He loves onions!

Evan enjoying his onion ring and our fun view. Notice the milk carton he has. That was their favorite part of the Varsity. I guess they know school aged kids drink out of those and they kept saying "you got us big boy milks! thank you, we love it so much" haha. It was so cute.

We loved our trip to LEGOLAND and to Atlanta.

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