Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Randoms

In February, we went to Barnes and Noble for story time almost every Saturday. It's free and it's been too nasty to go outside, so we go by there and the boys play and then have story time.

They never get tired of the train track or legos there.

They're always really good while the person is reading, which surprises me. I would expect them to get antsy, but they sit still and are quiet and listen really well.
We've been going to Sunday school. We've been every Sunday this year except one day. The boys love their class and teachers and Greg and I are really enjoying our class.

We actually went to a Superbowl party with people from our Sunday School class. They try and do something every month, which is fun. The boys had a blast at the Superbowl party, as soon as we got there, they went upstairs with the other kids and we hardly saw them the entire time. Evan came down to eat something and then right before we left, he came down to show me this gun and shoot me.

We've done a couple of crafts.

Carter's expression--haha!

They boys have played dress up.

We've done puzzles.

And more dress up.

Evan had a doctor's appointment right after my weekly moms bible study, so I took both boys right after we got done and promised them a picnic at the park if they were well behaved at the appointment. It was supposed to be sunny and nice but it ended up being windy and freezing. But, the boys were good during the appointment, so I honored my end of the deal and we got sonic and went to the park. The boys ate and then I let them play for awhile. It was cold, but it wasn't wet or rainy, so I let them stay as long as they wanted. They needed it.

They love this rock wall and do it over and over until their arms are so tired that they can't climb it anymore.

Lots of climbing and running around.

They'll push each other on this and then jump in and ride it until it stops and take turns on who has to get down and push it next.

I have some posts on specific things we did over the month, but this is just a photo dump of a few things we've been up to. It's been a long, cold month and we're all ready for spring.

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