Monday, March 16, 2015

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny Weekend Recap


 Saturday morning, there was a free Breakfast with the Easter bunny at the mall, so we headed over there to check it out. It didn't start until 10 and we got there early, so we let the boys play in the play area first. We didn't tell them what we were there for until right before we went to the Food Court to meet the Easter bunny.

There were only a couple other families there. They had the tables set up with bunny ear hats for the kids, a Easter craft (that we just brought home to do another day) an Easter coloring book, crayons and free samples of Chick-Fil-As frosty lemonades. I couldn't believe there weren't more people there.

The boys were so excited to go up to the Easter bunny. Evan didn't hesitate and gave her a big hug.

Carter was excited, but he wouldn't let the Easter bunny hug him too tight. You can kind of tell in this picture, but that was as close as he'd hug her.

The boys were so excited for their coloring books. They are so into coloring now, they color all day every day, so they were thrilled to sit down and color.

The boys spent a lot of time coloring, they wanted to finish their pages before we left.

After the boys finished coloring, they went over to say bye to the Easter bunny and get one last picture.

The boys asked to go to story time and so we headed over to Barnes and Noble. They had about 10 minutes to kill, so they played with the blocks.

Story time ended up being books the boys have never heard before and they really enjoyed it. They each got a sheet of stickers, 3 coloring sheets and a maze and some pretend moustaches (it went with the story) to take home.

We came home and relaxed, then we got ready for a get together with our Sunday school class. There was a good turnout.
The day started out cold and rainy, but it cleared up that afternoon and by the time we went over there, it was warm and sunny. The kids played outside the entire time. My boys had a blast!
They loved playing with the other kids. Most of the kids were older than them and I think Evan and Carter really thought they were something playing with the older kids. There was a playhouse, swords, sticks, play guns, basically the boys idea of the best time ever.

The couple that hosted ordered a Jelly Bean challenge game for the kids to do. You divide into teams of two and spin a wheel. It'll land on two different flavors that are the same color and you each take that color jelly bean and eat it and try and guess which flavor of the two that it is. The kicker is that one flavor is normal-butter popcorn, peach, berry and the other is something disgusting like baby wipes, toothpaste, boogers, dog food, barf, etc. It's the worst idea for a game ever-who would want to do that?! Apparently, kids! They were so excited and couldn't wait to try the jelly beans.

The boys said it tasted like diapers and that was the funniest thing to them. Anytime any of the kids said something gross, they all laughed hysterically.

I don't know how, but all of the adults got involved and several of them did it more than once. Haha, the grossest game ever and we all ended up doing it. I did it and got toothpaste, so probably the best of the worst that I could have got. Greg's face in this picture is so funny.

The boys played so good while we were there, all the kids did. There was no fighting or fussing, we hardly saw the kids. They kept themselves busy in the yard, after awhile, the men ended up on the deck and the women inside at a table and we all just talked and laughed. The only time I saw the boys was when they wanted something to eat. They were way to busy playing to sit down and eat much at a time, so they came by every now and then for a cookie, some carrots, some lemonade or like the picture below, some cheese.

We ended up staying there until 8:30, because we're party animals. ;) By the time we got home and got the boys showered and in bed, it was 9:00. They go to bed every single night at 7:00, so they slept nice and late Sunday morning. I was not about to get up before them, so we were slightly rushed Sunday morning, but sleeping in was so worth it. I put the boys in green polo shirts for church since we're so close to St. Patrick's day, but they were all that excited about getting a picture.

After Sunday school, we went grocery shopping and then I went back to the church for a information luncheon for all the women going on the women's retreat this coming weekend in Charleston. I'm really looking forward to it. It came up at the super bowl party we went to and Greg said to me "I'd be happy to watch the boys if you want to go" I'm pretty sure I signed up before he had the words out of his mouth. Girls weekend, no kids, Charleston--I'm IN!!! So, after I got home from our luncheon on that, we went to the gym. We have committed to going 4 days a week, giving it our all when we're there, eating healthier, etc. Honestly, I was tired and didn't want to go, but I'm so glad I did. I felt so much better afterwards. We were just going to lift weights and then let the boys play in the pool, but after getting there, I started feeling into it and so Greg took the boys to the pool and I did cardio while they played. It worked out perfectly.

This is the picture that Greg took for me while he was watching the boys.

When we got home, we had laundry to do, dinner to get ready, showers to take and then this potato project that we waited until the last minute to do. The boys brought potatoes home from school and had to turn them into people. It was a family project and they're due Monday. Pinterest had like, 4 examples of potato people, so that wasn't much help. We had decided on doing a Thing 1 and Thing 2 potato, but we wanted to paint the potatoes for that and we waited to last minute to do that. So, we did super hero potatoes. The boys helped, it wasn't just me doing it and they like them, so I'm happy. I would have loved to not wait until the last minute and really give this project some more effort, but we didn't, so what are you going to do?

Each potato has a super hero cape with a letter for Super Carter potato and Super Evan potato. E and C are much easier to cut out of fabric than "S" for super.

The boys were being so wild!!

Our potato people. The front. Carter's is on the left and Evan's is on the right.

And their super hero capes that I pinned into the back.

So, that's our weekend and I'm actually doing the weekend recap right at the end of the weekend instead of weeks and weeks later, which is good. I'm sure these potatoes will be making another appearance on the blog this week. They take them into school tomorrow and I think it'll have something to do with their St. Patricks' day parade, so you might not have seen the last of these super hero potatoes. I hope everybody had a great weekend.

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  1. Your kids are really adorable dear and I see they had so much fun on Easter. This Easter my son also wanted to have fun and grand party for his friends, so I surprised him by planning a party for him at LA venues and he loved it.