Tuesday, March 3, 2015

January Randoms

I realize it's March. I'm way behind on my blogging, I think this is the last of January and then I can do February.

In January, we did some crafting.

The boys had teddy bear day at school. They got to bring a stuffed bear, they made yummy bear paw treats and made these super cute hats. They were supposed to wear brown or black to school and talked about all things bear.

I really wanted to get a picture of them with their bear hats.

We've played a lot of games.

Lots of Candyland, Cootie Bug, and Chutes and Ladders.

We've gone to the library.

Went to Mcdonald's and Chick Fil A because it's too cold or wet to play outside.

Had playdates at the mall with friends.

Changed into footie pajamas right after getting home from school because they're obsessed and playing more board games.

I couldn't wait until they were at an age where they could play board games and now..I'd be completely fine if they didn't want to. haha. Each game goes on FOREVER!!

We've started a new tradition of pizza and movie on Fridays. We let the boys eat pizza in front of the tv while watching the movie.

The boys think this is the best thing ever.

I even took the boys to see the Penguins of Madagascar at the theater. They loved it. It was my first time taking both boys by myself and it was super easy, so I see us taking advantage of the dollar movies they have over the summer.

Both the boys were really excited to see the movie. I had read bad reviews about it, but I thought it was pretty cute. Both boys really liked it and neither of them like the Madgascar movies, so I was really surprised they liked it.

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