Friday, March 6, 2015

Week at My Parents

In February, Greg took an online class at home for work. There was no way he could possibly listen to the instructor and do what he needed to do with two boys running around. Instead of worrying about trying to stay out of the house between 8-4 or keeping them quiet if we were home, we decided to go stay with my parents for the week. We did this when Greg had to take a week long online class before and it worked out great for him and the boys think it's so much fun, so we did it again.

The boys had school 3 of those days, so we got up and ready a little earlier than usual and drove to school. After volunteering, I just went home and did homework and studied for my Anatomy class until it was time to pick up the boys from school. I wasn't sure how long it'd take to get there in the mornings, so we got there a little early and had time to kill in the parking lot before going inside. The perfect time to take some pictures.

He was being something that morning.

The boys even let me take a quick picture of them before going into school.

Instead of our normal routine of watching a couple cartoons in my bed on my ipad if they wake up early, they got an entire bed to themselves and an actual tv to watch cartoons on.

I got these melty bead Valentines for the boys to do. I wasn't sure if they were old enough to want to sit down and do them, but Evan loved it. He really likes puzzles and this was kind of like doing a puzzle for him. He did most of this himself. I helped a little, but he was very determined and sat and worked on it until it was done.

He was so proud of his creation.

It was pretty nasty most of the time we were at my parents, but we did have some time that the boys were able to go outside and ride their bikes and play, even if we were freezing.

On that Monday and Wednesday, my parents actually came into town and met me at our house after I picked up the boys from school. They took the boys back to their house in my van and I took their car and drove to class. I'm going to school in South Carolina and it's about 20-30 minutes from my house--in the opposite direction, so they saved me a lot of driving by meeting me and getting the boys. Then, they kept the boys while I went to school and I drove back out to their house after I got done with class.

The boys did a lot of drawing with chalk while we were out there.

Evan had this thing with him the entire week. It went with him in the car anytime we'd go somewhere. He just loved it.

I had to take a picture of Carter's creation, he propped this car slide thing on top of another toy so that when he rolled his car down, it went flying off the slide at the bottom like Evil Knivel. He spent a lot of time getting it just perfect and was so proud of it. He never plays with something the way it's made to be played with, he always has to do something to it and make it his own.

We went to the store one day and my mom bought the boys these bubble guns. I LOVE them. The boys are pretty fond of them too, but I really love them. Anytime the boys would put one down, I'd pick it up and use it. They're so fun!

There's a little mess with them dipping it in the bubble solution, but it's less messy than blowing bubbles and you get a lot more bubbles this way.

Evan, in shooting stance.

We also picked up a pack of melty bead boards and some melty beads. Evan made a star.

Carter made a circle. It's so crazy how different they are and how their little minds work. Evan is all over the place, but if you put a puzzle or something in front of him, he can concentrate for the longest time and he does them so well. Carter is so creative, but if you put something in front of him that you have to do a certain way, he doesn't seem to enjoy it. He prefers things that he can do his way, so he enjoyed the melty beads when he was able to use the circle board and just put whatever beads he wanted wherever he wanted them.

The boys with their creations.

And just so ya'll see what I'm dealing with. This is what I get when I say "I'm going to take a picture, smile" haha!

A little bike riding after dinner. If it wasn't raining, we tried to get outside, but it was cold.

The only reason I agreed is because I knew the boys would want to use their bubble guns, which meant I got to use their bubble guns. :) We got them a bubble machine for Easter last year and I can't wait to bring that thing out when it warms up. You just push a button and it blows out tons and tons of bubbles, how can you not be happy with bubbles all around you?

Another before school picture in the car.

It was a little windy one day, so we brought out the kites.

We were there the week leading up to Valentine's Day, so I let the boys make Valentine funfetti cookies and then decorate them.

They were very excited to bring a cookie home for Greg when we went home the next day.

And the best part of decorating cookies...getting to lick the frosting.


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