Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kites and Hoppy Feet

On Wednesday, when I picked the boys up from school, they all had plastic bags with yarn tied to them. They had made kites out of the plastic bags. All the kids were obsessed with these bags! It's so funny how something so simple, that we'd consider trash, can be easily turned into something that just makes a 4 year old's day.

They were so excited to show me how they worked.  

It was starting to sprinkle and so I didn't get a good picture of them really "flying" them, but they loved those bags.

On Thursday morning, before bible study, we had to go run some errands. Normally we're pretty rushed on Thursdays trying to leave in time for bible study, but this morning we got up early and left the house about an hour before we normally do so we would have plenty of time to get everything done. We went to Walmart to get some things for the boys school Easter party next week. They were working on the parking lot and so the boys had to stop and watch.

I tried to get my weekly before bible study picture. Evan is all about giving kisses but Carter wants nothing to do with it.

We went to bible study and then ran some more errands and had lunch at Chick-Fil-A. I've been selling the boys clothes and things on an online yardsale through Facebook, so we had to meet somebody before bible study and then another person after bible study. I have a couple meetings set up for next week. It is a job in itself selling their old stuff and I don't sell it for very much, but the little money I do get for it is really nice to put towards buying them new clothes and things.

Friday afternoon, we went to Hoppy Feet to meet up with a friend. We ended up getting there about 2:30 and didn't leave until 5:00. The boys played hard! They were exhausted when we left. There was a very sweet older boy who played with them when we got there and they played for quite awhile until he had to go. The boys love playing with the older kids and it's nice when the older kids are sweet to them.

The boys have no fear on these things. They get to the top of the slide and then jump instead of sliding down. They love it, but you get a group of boys with no fear and full of excitement on a bounce house and somebody is bound to get hurt. There were tears and bumped heads, and legs, and arms and anything else you could hurt, but they still had a great time.

Such goobers.

I wanted a picture of them with their friend, Cooper, that we met there, and it only took about 9 takes to get this picture.

Evan started acting crazy half way through, in one picture, Carter is scolding poor Cooper for "not smiling enough" haha, they're all a mess.

After Hoppy Feet, we picked up pizza on the way home and ate dinner while watching part of a movie. The boys love their pizza and movie night, even if we don't have time to watch the whole movie before bed.

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