Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Toddler Tuesday and Spring Weather

Last May, I took the boys to Toddler Tuesday at the Kroc Center and they loved it. It starts at 10:30 in a play room with puzzles, blocks, toys, etc. Then they had story time and dancing and then you go to the pool and play for an hour. Because of the boys school schedule or my school schedule, we haven't been able to go back since. Now that we're members of the Kroc Center, it's free for the boys to go and we have Tuesdays free this semester. Last Tuesday, it was calling for rain, so I decided to take the boys to Toddler Tuesdays. My mom came with me and the boys were so excited.

This was their favorite toy in the play room.

Evan found some puppets to play with.

I decided while we were there that the boys are way too old for toddler Tuesdays. :( So sad. All the other kids were much younger and the toys were geared towards smaller kids. The story they read was definitely geared towards much younger kids. I know the boys aren't toddlers anymore, but I wasn't really thinking about that when we went. The good thing about Toddler Tuesdays is that they bring out tons of pool toys for the kids to play with. It was also nice that there were other kids there at the pool on a weekday. I've taken the boys on other days and they're the only ones there. If we're free on a Tuesday and need something to do, I think I would just take them to the pool the same time that Toddler Tuesdays is going on so they can play with the pool toys and the other kids.

The boys school had a book fair last week and I volunteered there one morning. I was there from 8:30-9:30 and the boys don't go to class until 8:50. They came with me and the director came and got them and the little girl of the other volunteer at 8:50 and took them to class. The boys are really, really into coloring lately, so I brought two coloring books and crayons and they quietly colored on the floor the entire time. I let the boys look around right before leaving and I told them I'd get two books and I'd have them with me when I come pick them up that afternoon. The boys have been talking about teeth and the tooth fairy for dental health month and I guess between that and the fact that it's called a book "fair" Carter said something later that day about the books from the book fairy! Haha, I thought it was so cute that I didn't correct him. :)

It's been so rainy or cold this entire winter. We finally had a couple days last week that were nice and the boys were able to play in the back yard. They needed it and had such a good time. They love to swing and could sit out there forever just swinging and talking. I don't know what they have to talk about, but they will talk the entire time they're out there.

They wanted to have snack outside on their picnic bench. I wanted to get a picture of them being able to be outside and Evan was being such a ham.

Carter wants to stick his tongue out in every picture now. So charming.


I dressed the boys up in the Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts last week for Dr. Seuss week. This was the day we went to bible study and it was so nice outside, so I tried to get a few pictures of them before we went in.

They were in really good moods and actually wanted to take pictures.

After bible study, we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and play time.

And just for fun, here's the boys in their Thing 1 and Thing 2 shirts over the years. These were all taken during Dr. Seuss week, the first week in March. The top left was 2013, when they were 2. Top right is 2014 and bottom was last week.

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