Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

It's been a week or so since I've updated my blog, so I logged on and found this post that I never published. Oops. I think this is from two weekends ago, but I'm not sure--which is how bad my memory is and the purpose of my blog.

The boys love making music, Carter will play a song on his drum set for me and Evan will dance and sing a song he made up for me. So, I got some pictures of Carter playing his drum.


Here they are having a dance party on the ottoman and Evan is playing the cymbals, dancing, and singing and Carter is playing the drums. Our house is never quiet. Ever.

We took the boys to the park on Fort Gordon and they played and played. It's either rainy or too cold most days to go to the park. There were several kids there and they all played together so nicely. Greg and I were able to sit and talk and even planned out our menu and made a grocery list. I think we're all more than ready for spring.

We've been going to Sunday school every week and we're really enjoying it. The boys love going to their Sunday school class and always come home with tons of crafts and things that they did. I try and get a picture of the boys before church, but this particular Sunday, only one of them was willing to take a picture.

After church, we ran some errands. The boys love Sam's Club because they get samples but sometimes we'll get them a hot dog or pizza and they think it's such a treat.

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