Sunday, January 4, 2015

NYE and New Year's Day

Wednesday morning, started off like another lazy morning for us. We had some errands we were going to run, but we were in no hurry to run them, so the boys started off their day watching a little tv in my bed and eating Cheerios and then we got up and played in their playroom. My mom text me that morning and offered to keep the boys sometime between Wednesday and Saturday, so I got us all ready in record time, packed their stuff and headed over to my parents house. ;)

I dropped the boys off, and stuck around for a little bit and then headed home and did some housework until Greg got off. We went to the library downtown, went and picked up Dawn of Planet of the Apes from Redbox and then went out to dinner and watched the first half of the Arizona game over fried pickles and beer. We went home and watched our movie. We are party animals, I tell ya. Greg actually stayed up until 11:15! I actually do not have a single picture of the entire afternoon/evening. We slept late on Thursday and then went and picked up the boys. We actually stayed for awhile, hung out, ate lunch and discussed different projects we want to do. Me and my mom have some pinterest projects we're excited about. And who knows what projects my dad and Greg were coming up with, but I did hear something about a playhouse, so we'll see.

We bribed Evan to help us with our project. We needed an idea of how tall he was compared to this pallet. We had him stand on a couple different things to see get a good idea of what we were dealing with. Evan was a trooper.

He has no idea why he's doing it, but he did it for us anyway.

When I win the Mega Millions on Tuesday, I'll be buying the supplies for me and my mom to make lots of Pinterest projects! ;)

The boys rode up and down my parents driveway a lot. The weather was nice on Thursday and calling for rain the rest of the weekend, so we took advantage of the sun and let them ride for as long as they wanted.

Evan got tired of riding, so he walked down beside Carter, while Carter rode his bike. They were just talking away the whole way down and back.

Then, they got into the sandbox. Evan didn't like that the sand was wet and cold, but he got over it after awhile, but Carter had a good old time and none of it bothered him in the least.

More bike riding.

When we got home, everybody was exhausted, so we pulled out the bed on the couch and loaded it up with tons of blankets and pillows and got all snuggly to watch "Alice and Wonderland" that Greg and I rented from the library for the boys. Greg and Carter fell asleep. Evan fought it and managed to stay away for the whole movie, but it was just pure stubbornness, you could tell he was exhausted, but I think he actually liked the movie.

He looked so sweet sleeping, they never fall asleep anywhere but in their beds (at night) so it's cute getting a glimpse of them sleeping.

When they got up, we played with blocks in the floor until it was time for bath. Greg built the boys a castle and everything.

And just for fun, this is what the boys looked like 4 years ago! Look how tiny they were.
Not a typical New Years post for me, no lists of resolutions or anything. But, I do love resolutions, I love making them and listing my goals out for the year, even if I only mark off half the list. I'll definitely be doing one of those posts in the next couple of weeks.

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