Friday, January 9, 2015


Thursday was absolutely freezing!!! I think the high was 34, which is ridiculous for Georgia. I checked the weather all week and knew it was coming. The boys didn't have school, my Thursday Moms bible study doesn't start until next week, so as soon as I saw how cold it was going to be, I decided that I would not be leaving the house that day. It's very rare that the boys and I stay home the entire day and not go anywhere, but it was just too cold.

We started out our day in my bed with flannel sheets, footie pajamas, and a big, mink blanket on and some cartoons. I would have been happy to stay under those warm covers all day. My parents got out to go to the grocery store and stopped by on their way to bring us something the boys needed for school. They came in and stayed for a few minutes. I love living close enough that they can do that.

"Feels like 16"!! Isn't that crazy? I didn't move to Georgia for it to "feel like 16" in January. I came here so I could complain that it was so warm that I was in shorts and flip flops in January. :( The boys played so good the whole day. They were so excited about getting to stay in their footie pajamas all morning, they thought that was such a treat. I made them French toast for lunch, which also made their day. It's funny how the small things are such big things for them.
Greg decided he was going to go to the gym after he got home from work, so the boys got dressed so they could go with him. We did a quick craft while waiting on him to get home. I knew I wanted to do one with them since we were going to be home all day, but they ended up playing so good the whole day that I just never got around to getting all the craft stuff ready. So, I decided on a quick and easy one that we could throw together in just a few minutes.
A paper plate polar bear! I had them cut out the ears all by themselves. I glued them on (because of the way the plate curves) but they stuck the eyes on, glued the black pom pom nose and then drew the mouth all by themselves. It was such an easy project that didn't take but a couple of very, very cheap things we already had laying around our house. The boys really enjoyed it though.

Evan, showing off his polar bear.

I have some fun winter and Valentine's crafts planned for the next couple of weeks. I already have tomorrow's craft prepped and ready to go on their craft table for tomorrow. I'm really excited about some of the ones I've found on Pinterest, too. I've found some that go with certain books or movies which I think will be really fun. I love how many cheap crafts I've found on Pinterest, too. I'm not the only mom who doesn't want to spend a fortune or try and make every craft time into a masterpiece.

I hope ya'll are staying warm. I'll be here thinking thoughts of summer. I'll take the humidity over this freezing cold weather any day!

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