Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stomach Bug

We had a pretty slow week last week due to Evan coming down with the stomach bug. He was so pitiful. He just watched tv with his puke bucket until he fell asleep.

I gave him some time to sleep in case he woke up when I carried him upstairs, but he didn't, so I just put him right into his bed.

Carter did not mind one bit, going to school by himself. I even let him sit in the front seat with me, since it was just me and him. He thought he was something. My mom came over before school so she could sit with Evan while I took Carter to school.

Then, he found my sunglasses and had to try them on and get a picture.

Such a ham. I enjoyed the one on one time I had with Carter, it's rare that I get one on one time with either of them, so It's always nice when it happens.

When I got home, Evan had got tired again. He was going through little bursts of energy, but now he was worn out and watching some cartoons on my ipad in my bed.

Greg started feeling rough on Tuesday, I felt rough on Wednesday, but Friday the three of us--Evan, Carter, and me were all feeling better. Both boys went to school, and even took a picture for me and I volunteered. Greg was feeling rough, he just couldn't seem to shake it. So, finally after over a week, he goes to the doctor and they give him an antibiotic to take. Hopefully, that's the end of this January sickness and we end the month on a high note with all of us feeling great and happy.

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