Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Friday afternoon, we took the boys to Hoppy Feet. Fridays are the day that they have "buy one get one free" admission, so it's really the only day we go. It was rainy and cold out, so we were tired of being in the house, so we came over here to let the boys get out some energy.

It's never really busy here, always just enough kids for the boys to have kids to play with, but not so many that it gets crazy.

The boys also have NO fear going down or up or doing anything on any of these bounce houses. They kept trying different ways, like rolling, jumping, head first, etc.

Saturday morning, we went to our second Home Depot kids workshop. This time, Greg was able to come with us. I was really hoping it would go as well as the first one did. The project this time was mini sleds.

Carter, posing in his apron before the project started.

Greg helped Carter and I helped Evan. We learned quickly that you cannot hammer on those tables they had set up for us and we had to get on the ground to do it.

Putting the final touches on the sled.

They were so excited to do this. They enjoyed it just as much as last time, if not more. It was much easier having two adults--because I do not like being out numbered by 4 year old boys with hammers. We got a handout with our paperwork about the next one, so we went ahead and put it on the calendar and plan on going. It's rare to find a fun thing that we all enjoy and it's free, so I'm excited we started going to these.

The boys refused to take off their aprons for our other errands. So, Carter went into the library with Greg, proudly wearing his apron and then both boys went into Farmhaus so we could grab some lunch.

The boys enjoyed their burger, which started off as a cheeseburger but Greg and I got to scrap the cheese off the bun and burger because the boys informed us that they do not like cheeseburgers, only burgers. Who are these children? Who doesn't like cheese on their burger?

Sunday was another nasty, cold, wet day, so we split up our errands and Greg ran some and came home and then he stayed with the boys while I ran out and did some grocery shopping. It's finally stopped raining and being nasty, but now it's getting cold. Thursday's high is supposed to be 34. So, basically, we will not be leaving the house that day. If you need us, we will be piled under blankets drinking warm hot cocoa or coffee. I'd be happy if spring started right after Christmas, nobody needs 2-3 more months of cold weather.

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