Thursday, January 22, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up (about 2 weeks late)

I am a little behind on blogging. The boys started back to school, I started back to school, and a stomach virus but me behind on everything. So, here's some pictures from a couple weekends ago.

We did an inexpensive winter craft, I wanted to do something easy and fast, so the boys actually did this before school one Friday morning.

Barnes and Noble is having a story time every Saturday at 11 for the next several weeks, so we checked that out. The boys were SO well behaved the entire time, I was so impressed. There's several time we go out that their behavior does not impress me :) so I definitely have to give them credit when they're really good.

The books were really cute and all about sharing. The boys really like the woman that was reading, she's always been the one that reads when we come here and she's really good. The boys made sure to tell her how much they liked her after story time, which I thought was really sweet.

She read 3 stories.

Afterwards, the kids get an activity or coloring sheet to color and some stickers.

After story time, we went to the Lego center and the train table and the boys played for awhile.

building with the legos

The boys played at the train table. Sometimes, they'd take a break to look at the toys or books on the shelves around them, but they were really good about being gentle, putting back things after they looked at them, so I let them check the other things out while we're in that corner.

After our amazingly pleasant experience at Barnes and Noble, poor Carter fell walking back to the van. He scraped his knees and was just so upset--a combination of it really hurting (he fell hard) and the fact that he is slightly dramatic. He always thinks bandaids are this magic cure for any scrap or cut, and will stop crying immediately after he gets a bandaid, like nothing happened. I didn't have any bandaids on me, so, we went to Target, got some hot cocoa and let the boys pick out some fun bandaids.

The rest of our weekend included standard weekend activities, like running errands, movie night, and some dress up.

We have made it a goal to attend Sunday school every week. We really enjoy it, but Greg lets me sleep in on the weekends and sometimes it's hard to get up when I know I don't have to, get everybody ready and get there. But, after going a couple weeks in a row, it's becoming a habit and I don't mind waking up early to go. I cannot stand to be late. I'm always early to everything, which can be a pretty good thing, except when I get us to Sunday School 45 minutes before it starts. Oops. The boys were so excited to be there (they have the best time in their Sunday school class) so they were really well behaved for that 45 minutes. The church has free coffee and cheese biscuits for everybody, so the boys enjoyed some yummy biscuits while we waited.
I have a few catch up posts, but I'm really excited about some pictures I took of the boys at my parents house the other day. I posted a lot on Facebook, but I didn't post my favorite ones because I have something special planned with those, so I can't wait until that's done and I can write my post about the pictures and post them on here.

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