Saturday, January 3, 2015

Monday and Tuesday

This was the boys last week of Christmas vacation. They go back to school on the 5th. Monday, we hung around in our pajamas until Greg got home. It was fun and relaxing and we even had a surprise visit from Papaw. The boys worked on puzzles, while I got things done around the house.  

They both got into it and ended up doing several puzzles.

They still have toys they got for Christmas that they haven't played with, so we've been slowly opening one every day or two. We opened the Playmobile sports toy the boys got.

They also got a Playmobile playground that they really liked. Notice Carter is in his police uniform, there was lots of playing that morning.

More puzzles.

After Greg got home, we used one of our buy one get one free admission coupons to Monkey Joes. They were expiring on the 31st, so we went one last time before the New Year. The boys had fun.

Tuesday was supposed to be clear, sunny, and in the 60's. It wasn't. It was cold, damp, sprinkled a lot while we were out there. But, the boys were able to make several trips up and down the driveway on their bikes, play with toys inside and blow some bubbles.

They were so excited to use the bubbles that their teacher put in their Christmas gift before the break.

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