Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our New Year's Tree

Back in October, I decided that I wanted a Halloween tree. After looking into and thinking about it, I decided to do a holiday tree that I keep up all year round and decorate for all the different holidays and seasons. I've been so excited about this ever since and I love my holiday tree. It's been really fun thinking of the upcoming holidays and how I'm going to decorate it. Here's it decorated for Halloween. Like I've mentioned before, I don't like paying full price for decorations, but Michaels' put their Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations on clearance for 70% off several days before Halloween, so I was able to get all my Halloween stuff and use it this year.

This is my Thanksgiving/fall tree. It's a little lacking because there wasn't that much fall stuff at Michael's, so I got some stuff at other stores after Thanksgiving and it'll be a little more decorated next year.

And decorated for Christmas.

I was originally going to decorate my tree with all my cooking/kitchen ornaments for January (because it's in my dining room) but the day after Christmas I started thinking about decorating it for New Year's. The colors for New Years are gold, silver and black. I had gold and silver ornaments from Christmas and black ornaments from Halloween. So, I decided to do a New Year's tree and leave the decorations up for most of January. When my mom and I were shopping the day after Christmas, we went into Party City and they had a ton of stuff for New Year's, I didn't want to spend much since I knew in a week, I could get all the stuff for much less. They had a lot of room decorating kits like this (but not this exact one) and I found one for $3.99 that had 8 pieces in it. I also got a mini party hat and a gold wreath for $4.99
I like to have a wreath on my pantry door that goes with my holiday tree, so I took the Happy New Year's sign, poked two holes in it and attached it to the gold Christmas wreath with some wire. Voila! A simple, easy, an inexpensive New Year's wreath. I am not creative and never do projects without following a tutorial from another blog or Pinterest. This is nothing special, but I was on a crafting high afterwards because it was huge for me!
My new wreath on my pantry door. I really need to spray paint my wreath holder white.  
I found some gold and silver garland at Walmart on Friday in the Christmas section on clearance, so I got some and put that around my tree.
I poked holes in the other things that were included in my party city package that I got and put an ornament hook through them and hung them up. I was pretty proud of myself for using something that wasn't an ornament and turning it into one. Like I said, I am not crafty, so it doesn't take much for me to impress myself. haha.  
The package I got from Party City also included the gold and silver champagne glasses, a couple of clocks, and some gold and silver stars, so I just hung them all on the tree.  
I got this champagne ornament at Kohl's in their Christmas clearance
This clock was at Walmart in their Christmas clearance.  
I put this mini new year's hat on as an ornament. I just pulled the string through the tiny hole at the top and hung it.   
Close up of my champagne glasses
A mini snowman hat that I stuck on there because I thought it looked like the top hat in a lot of New Year's d├ęcor that I saw.
I got a package of these from Walmart because I thought they were so pretty, then I saw on Pinterest how to make them yourself, so I got some glitter and a clear ornament (for 48 cents) and I'm going to try and make some myself.
I was going to wait until January 1st to get a hat to use as a topper on my tree, but I broke down and bought one for $2.77 at Walmart this weekend.  
My New Year's tree. I looked on Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas but could not find New Year's trees, so either I'm a creative trendsetter or a crazy person and there's a reason nobody does New Year's trees (or holiday trees, in general) Greg definitely thinks it's the latter. ;)  
I plan on picking up a few more mini hats and maybe some small noise makers when they go on clearance to hang up on my tree since I'll be keeping it up for the first few weeks of January. And I also got a clearance tree skirt that would work all year.

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