Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cocoa With Mrs. Claus

Last Thursday, we went to Chick-Fil-A to have "Cocoa With Mrs. Claus" Chick-Fil-A does all kinds of free events and activities for families and kids. We love Chick-Fil-A anyways, but these family nights make us love them even more. When we got there, they had a table set up with stencils and markers. Each kid got a plain white mug that they could decorate any way they wanted.

Evan took his very seriously.

Carter decided to free hand it and draw everybody he knows on there.

Carter posing with his mug

After the boys got done decorating their mugs, they got to have a cup of hot chocolate and Mrs. Claus was walking through and talking with the kids. Evan had her sit down and the talked that poor woman's ear off. The boys were so funny. I love how social they are, they're definitely not shy. "Mrs Claus" was so nice to them and gave them all the attention they wanted, it was very sweet.

I have to show of the mugs they made. Evan got a stencil for each side of his mug and he taped it down and traced it all by himself. I didn't do anything. Look how good his "Love" came out.

I thought this was very impressive, too.

Carter drew all the people that were important to him, he kept remembering people and have to add more. It was really cute.

He put his name on there and a picture of Santa.

Sipping his delicious hot cocoa.

After Mrs. Claus came by and talked to them and left, the boys went in the play area and played for awhile. Their friend, Cooper, came by later on and the boys go to play with him and eat dinner with him. They had so much fun.

I get emails from all the Chick-Fil-As on what's going on each month and I put it on my calendar and we try and go to at least one or two events there a month. The boys always have so much fun and it's a great way to spend an evening. Plus, after they do whatever the special activity is, they get to play in the play area with the other kids and eat dinner. We also do a lot more of these over the winter than we do in the summer, when it's cold and or wet out, we start to get a little crazy, so we're thankful for things like this going on to keep up occupied.

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