Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lights Before Christmas- Riverbanks Zoo

We took the boys to Lights Before Christmas over my birthday weekend. The Zoo decorates the entire place in lights and then they open up at night (when they're normally closed) and you can walk through and look at all the pretty lights. They also have Santa there to take pictures. They have fake snow machines set up throughout the whole zoo and so every so often, snow would just come falling down--that was definitely the boys favorite part.

The 3 Westover boys posing in front of the enormous tree at the front of the zoo.

The fake snow.

These pictures make it look much lighter than it was when we got there. It was almost dark when we got there.

There wasn't much open, but we did get to walk through the barn and see the cows, bunnies, and turkeys.

Evan thought this was a really need light display.

Evan decided he wanted to catch some "snow" on his tongue.

They both became obsessed, running around with their tongues out, trying to catch a snow flake.

Evan just gave up and reached over and grabbed one that landed on Carter's hood.

And he stuck it in his mouth. And discovered the hard way that the fake snow is actually soap.

But, Carter had to try it for himself, so he licked one off his coat too. (pretty sure he regretted it)
It was nice to see the lights and the boys had fun, but I wouldn't go back for that. I'm glad we went once, but I wouldn't make it an annual trip. We went for Member's Night Out over the summer, where they open the zoo to members only after 6:00 and they had so many fun things to do. There were crafts and games set up all over the place. Activities, employees talking with the kids and telling them all kids of fun facts about animals, it was so interactive. That's kinda what I was expecting. I definitely want to try and make it to those next summer because the boys really enjoyed those.

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