Friday, December 19, 2014

Crafts, Story Time, and Monkey Joes

The past week, we have been doing more crafts, some more story times, and went to Monkey Joes.

We did these super easy toilet paper roll angels. It didn't take long and didn't cost anything since we already had all the supplies we needed (which wasn't much)

Last Tuesday, my mom came with me to take the boys to Monkey Joes. It's this enormous indoor bounce place and it's always crazy. I've gone by myself with the boys but it's a huge place and the kids can get pretty wild in there, so my mom text to the night before and offered to come with us, I immediately said yes. We were the first ones to get there and the ONLY ones there the entire 2 hours we were there. Nobody else came in, the entire morning. They boys had the place to themselves. We have a few "buy one get one free" admission coupons that expire at the end of the year that we're trying to use, so we'll go again during the boys Christmas break from school.

It didn't phase them that they were the only ones there, they still had a blast.

That night, I put the boys in some Christmas pjs, we ordered pizza, and we watched a Christmas movie. The boys were so excited. They call their footie pjs, "piggy pajamas" I don't know why, but it's so cute that I can't correct them. :)

We've been doing this once a week the past couple weeks and I think we all really enjoy it.

The boys aren't the only ones who have been doing crafts. I finally made a Christmas wreath to put on the front door.

I took the boys to a new library for story time. It was "Story Time with Mrs. Claus" There were some field trips there, so it was a pretty good crowd. I thought "Mrs. Claus" did a great job and kept the stories short and very interactive. The boys had a really good time.

I would come here again. They have a story time that the boys could go to once a week because it's on a day they don't have school, so we might check it out again.

The boys have also been spending a lot of time on their Lincoln logs that they got from Aunt Brandi last year. They love these things and can play with them for a long time.

The boys also got paddle balls in some gifts that came in the mail from Greg's Aunt Janet and Uncle Joe. The boys LOVE these, especially Evan. He gets so proud of himself after hitting the ball with the paddle.

Carter (who desperately needed a hair cut when this picture was taken) loves his too.

I've been wanting to make one of these since last Christmas and even went to an antique store and got these vintage soda crates just for this. I love the way everything turned out, except for the burlap. It's too folded, it needs to be more fluffy and "relaxed" not folded all neat.

And I turn on the lights on the votives in the jars for the boys at night, especially if it's dark when we eat dinner.

I made a Christmas countdown plate. It was super cheap and easy, but this was my first one, so it's far from perfect. I'd like to make one for the major holidays or events (like birthdays, going back to school, etc) so hopefully I can make my next couple look better, but I love changing the number every night after the boys go to bed and when they come down, they immediately go to the plate and tell me how many days are left until Christmas. I have added a little gold bow at the top, I need to get a picture of the final product and post that.

I'm not very good at it, but I really love doing crafty stuff. So, it's been fun doing crafty things with the boys and making a few Christmas things for around the house.

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