Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Pictures (Part 1)

The Saturday before Thanksgiving, we took the boys to go get Christmas pictures made. I found a great deal on Christmas mini sessions on Facebook. I later discovered why it was such a great deal and that you get what you pay for. I'll post the official ones in another post, but this is just from that day and what I took on my phone.

The boys looked so handsome dressed up for their pictures. They were very excited to wear a tie and bow tie. This is what they did when I asked them to smile for a picture!

They definitely thought they were something.

My handsome little men.

I just cannot get enough of them in these shirts.

We definitely took a lot of pictures in the front yard before leaving to go get pictures done. :)

By the time it was daddy's turn, the boys were losing their excitement.

We had the pictures done at Steed's Dairy, which is right up the road from us. The props were adorable and were the reason I went with this photographer.  

Carter was so funny doing this pose. He had no idea what to do with his hands, so he kept putting them up like Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights ("I don't know what to do with my hands"), it was so funny!! I got so tickled at him.

After a few pictures in normal clothes, the boys changed into their pjs and did some pictures on a bed she had out. I thought the idea was really cute. The boys didn't know what to do with the book, Evan had the hardest time, he didn't know whether to look at the book or look at the photographer, and she wanted some of both, so he was so confused.

Sweet smiles. Our appointment was at noon, which is the worst time for pictures. A lot of photographers around here won't even do them then, they'll only book for morning or late afternoon, and now I see why. Carter kept squinting and trying to cover his eyes, but I still think they look so cute here.

At the end, she let them jump on the bed and got some pictures of them doing that.

They were hesitant at first because we're normally telling them not to jump on the bed, but they thought it was fun.

I bought sugar cookies for one of the poses, but we didn't need them, so the boys got to eat their Santa cookies when we got home. This was what I used the whole morning-- "smile good for the camera and you'll get your special cookie" haha. We got these pretty cookies from Barnes and Noble, they always have the cutest cookies, individually wrapped and made in a peanut free facility.

Even though it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, we had no problem getting into the holiday spirit for our pictures. I got my trees out that weekend and decorated them. The boys each have one in their rooms, they have a small one downstairs in the living room with fun, kid ornaments, we have one in the kitchen and then the main one in the playroom. I have a small one for our room that I put up, but never decorated. If I had more room, I'd have more trees. You can never have too many Christmas trees.

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