Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house. The boys wore the outfits they made at school. I thought they looked so sweet. I wanted to get them a Thanksgiving t-shirt like I get every year, but wasn't able to find one in their size, but it worked out because I think these are so much better than any t-shirt I could have bought.

So precious!

I had them do a few crafts and activities while waiting on the turkey.

I got these fun felt boards at Michael's after Thanksgiving last year for super cheap and the boys seemed to enjoy putting all the felt pieces on the board.

Next, we did a thankful turkey craft that I got in the dollar section at Target. I wrote down exactly what they told me. For weeks, they've been saying the sweetest things that they're thankful for. But, when I sit them down to talk about it, they tell me they're thankful for Halloween stuff and pineapples. haha. This turkey is Carter's. He told me a week or so before Thanksgiving that he was very thankful for his teacher but that he was NOT thankful for the naughty rug, haha!!

This is Evan's thankful turkey.

Watching some tv before we ate.

It was all amazing--turkey (we had deep fried and oven baked), gravy, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, dressing, and rolls.

Evan wanted a snack after lunch and so Greg gave him this turkey leg. He thought he was something. I'm sure this is how he's going to insist on eating turkey from now on.

 Of course, after Carter saw that Evan had one, he had to have one too. So, the next day when we went back for leftovers, both boys insisted on a turkey leg. I don't know if Carter was sure what to think about it at first.

But, he got right to it and they both ate up those turkey legs.

We're always reminded around the holidays how thankful we are that we moved down here. We spent every holiday for YEARS, traveling. It's so nice now that we just get up and drive up the road (it's about 30 minutes) and that's it. We were fine with traveling when we were doing it, but now that we're older and have kids, it's just nice to not have to do that around the holidays anymore.

And just for fun, here's the boys on their first Thanksgiving.

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