Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, I loaded the boys up and went to Hobby Lobby, they had their Christmas stuff already on clearance for 66% off. They did that last year too, so I took them to get a few things. I think this will be our Christmas Eve tradition. :) The boys were in the middle of playing pirates at home when I told them we were going shopping, so they asked to wear their bandanas

I put the boys in the cart and I carried a basket and loaded it up. A lot of wreath making stuff had "Christmas" on it, so it was marked down and I needed ornaments for my holiday tree, like green ones for St. Patrick's Day. I also got some craft stuff for the boys for next year. That was one of the biggest things I was looking for was fun craft sets to have for next December, the boys love doing them, but it's such a better deal to get them on clearance the day after a holiday and have them for next year. I also got a Rudolph stuff animal, I had bought one for Evan that made sang when you pushed his paw, but they didn't have anymore that worked so I just got the one. So, when I went by that aisle on Wednesday, they had them marked down, so I went ahead and got one for Carter, it doesn't make noise, but I thought it'd be nice for them both to have one. I managed to get it, put it in my basket, carry it through the whole store, and pay for it without them seeing it. Haha.

I also snagged this cute little plate to put our cookies for Santa on.

These plates weren't on clearance, but they were super cheap, so I got them to paint them with chalkboard paint and have a countdown to spring, easter, etc. like I did with my Christmas countdown plate. The boys have loved checking the Christmas one every day, so I thought it'd be fun to do some more holiday countdowns.

When we got home, we made some cookies for Santa, I got some major cleaning done and I cooked the stuff that we were bringing to my parents for Christmas dinner. The boys played really good while I did that. They  worked on some Christmas puzzles.

Carter doesn't normally do puzzles, Evan is the one who really likes them, but he ended up doing a few.

I got this in the mail from my friend, Brandi. It was addressed to Evan and Carter, but had a little note for me in there and when Greg saw it, he said "is that for me?!" because he loves Taylor Swift, so this is definitely a gift the whole family is excited about. We listened to it immediately!

 After cooking and cleaning all day, I didn't feel like cooking anything for dinner. I also didn't want to make something and have leftovers since I knew we'd have a ton of leftovers from Christmas dinner, so we ended up going to the Pizza Joint for dinner. I checked my blog and we actually went to Pizza Joint on Christmas Eve last year too. I think this is going to be our little tradition, dinner at Pizza Joint, then looking at Christmas lights on the way home.

Evan brought in his snowman puzzle (one with the square pieces that you have to keep sliding to get them in the right spot--I know I'm not explaining it very well, but I don't know what they're called) and Greg was helping him with it.

Carter, always willing to take a picture with me. :)

After we got home, we put the boys to bed and I everything ready for Christmas. I took the cookies and left a note from Santa thanking them for the cookies and how yummy they were. I filled up their stocking and put their goodies out from Santa. I've been ordering books from Scholastic (through their preschool) all school year and just putting them up when they came in so I could just give them all to them at Christmas.

I opened their castle and bat cave so they could just start playing with it right away. For their stockings, we got more figurines to use with these. I actually got the two batman things on the right for $3.00 on a Facebook yardsale. I just couldn't pass up that amazing deal.

Some Melissa and Doug dress up outfits (that I got for 1/2 off at Target!)

All the presents wrapped and ready for the boys in the morning.

I went through and took a picture of some of the crafts the boys and I did throughout the month of December. It's been a lot of fun doing crafts with the boys and I was able to fine so many ideas that cost next to nothing to do. I think this is something I'm going to continue to try and do with the boys on a regular basis. I've looked up some ideas on Pinterest and I'm going to try and do a couple a week with the boys.
I also wanted to take a picture of the letters the boys filled out for Santa. Their teacher sent these home this year for them to do and I loved sitting down and asking the boys the questions. I saved these, but I wanted to be able to look back on my blog and see what their answers were like this year. I did this with them separately, I filled out Evan's with him while we were in the waiting room when Carter was back with the speech therapist. I had Greg take Evan upstairs a few days later and I sat down with Carter to do his. I didn't want them to hear the other's answers and wanted them to come up with it completely on their own. They both said they'd leave orange juice for Rudolph--haha. And they both talked about the rescuebots they wanted.

So, that sums up our Christmas Eve this year.

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