Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve, the boys and I ended up going to a great sale at Hobby Lobby. All their Christmas stuff was 66% off, so we ran over there and the boys were troopers in the small carts Hobby Lobby has. After Hobby Lobby, we went to Kroger to get a few last minute things that we needed for Christmas day. I got the boys each a hot chocolate from Starbucks and they were angels the whole time I was shopping.

When we got home, Aunt Caroline, stopped by for a few minutes. The boys LOVE when Caroline stops by, they talked her into going upstairs and playing with them for a little bit.

They decided to dump the toys out of this basket and try and fit inside it.

Then, Caroline learned the hard way that it was not easy to pull or push with the boys in it.

This goober likes to steal my slippers and run around the house in them.

The boys were doing great on potty training (I'll do a separate post about that later) so they got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates cannon. We had it overnighted and they were so excited to play with it. I hated giving them a new toy on Christmas eve, when they had a room full of wrapped toys for the next day, but they earned it.

Greg and I took the boys to the Pizza Joint for dinner. It was really good and the boys loved it. Evan ate like, 3 slices of pizza, some appetizer, some of Carter's chicken fingers and chips, etc. I don't know where he puts it.

The boys are so much easier to eat out with now. I never thought we'd be at this point, but our meal was so enjoyable and the boys were great.

After the boys went to bed, I set out the stuff Santa left while Greg worked on building the fire station and train track. I decided that Santa brings stockings a few other little things and they're not going to be wrapped. I found my old Fisher Price playhouse on Ebay, so I got it for the boys and they LOVE it, so that was a fun purchase for me.

We got the boys a nicer train set to go on their train table.

And we got them this fire station. It came with a fire truck, police car, a helicopter, two people, two dogs and lots of furniture and stuff for the station. It's like a dollhouse for boys. I decided that I wanted the big things to be from me and Greg, and not let Santa get ALL the credit. The boys still think it's all from Santa, so whatever.

We were so excited for the boys to wake up the next morning. This was the first Christmas that we feel that they truly get it.

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