Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day

Tuesday night, we got some snow and the boys woke up to the yard being covered in about 2-3 inches of snow on Wednesday morning. A lot of schools closed on Tuesday even though the snow wasn't expected until Tuesday evening, also a lot of businesses closed early. On Wednesday, the entire town was shut down. The boys were so excited to go play in the snow. After their Snow Mountain trip, they know what it's all about.

I'm glad we already had all the snow gear from going to snow mountain a couple weeks ago, that made it much easier to get them dressed. Evan loves crawling in it and rolling around in it. He loves to throw snowballs but not as much as he loves getting hit with them. Carter likes to play gently in the snow. He doesn't like getting hit with a snowball and hates when the snow gets between his hand and glove or neck and coat--he immediately makes me help him because it's too cold, he says.

The boys started the morning off with just playing on their playground. They loved going down the slide since it was icy/wet and they went down about twice as fast as they normally do.

Carter thought it was funny that the wagon was filled with snow.

Greg got right out there and played with the boys and threw snowballs, helped them make snowballs, chased them around, etc. While I sat in a chair with my hot coffee--just the way it should be. :)

Evan would get tickled every time Greg hit him with snow. He thought it was the funniest thing and it never got old to him.

Look at that happy face!

And he loves throwing snowballs at us and he's really good.

Carter got some sand toys out, like this shovel and just had a nice, relaxing time playing and digging in the snow.

Then he used his shovel to catapult the snowball towards Evan's head. haha. was cold.

My 3 boys having a blast in the snow.

One last snow ball before we go in.

After we came in, the boys wanted some hot cocoa. We had some on hand with extra marshmallows, so that's what the boys got. They loved it.
These boys managed to get that hot cocoa everywhere. But, they LOVED it.

After the boys cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie we rented for them, Greg decided it'd be fun to go outside again. Greg was really having as much fun as the boys. He grew up in Arizona, so he's getting to experience this with the boys for the first time and he loved it. He decided to help the boys build a snowman--his first snowman ever. The snow wasn't sticking very good to make a snowman, but all 3 boys wanted one, so Greg was going to make it happen.

See, Evan, just likes to lay in the snow, it's so funny.

Here they are supposed to be helping Greg and Evan's laying down.

Greg, Carter, and Evan's first snowman ever!! So cute.

We added some eyes and a mouth after the picture.

Carter was so thrilled with the snowman.

Evan was just so happy to be outside.

I'm ready for spring, but I am glad we got this snow. It's such a fun thing for the kids (and greg) The boys are at an age where they actually go out and play in it. We didn't spend more time getting them in their snow gear than they spent outside. It was nice since Greg was also off, that the three of them could play outside in the snow. But, we had our fun, now it's time for 70-80 degree sunny weather. I'm ready. :)

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