Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lights of the South

The Lights of the South is something I've been wanting to take the boys to before I even knew I was pregnant with them. Greg and I went with my mom and sister right after we told them that we had decided to start a family (and I was pregnant and didn't know it) and I thought it'd be so fun to go back with kids. This is our first year going with the boys and it was SO much fun. It was cold and a little crowded, but we got there early enough that it wasn't a problem.

There's a hay ride that takes you through all the lights. The boys loved it. They loved pointing out the different things they saw.

Trying to get a selfie with the boys.

I love how mesmerized by the whole thing they all were. There was so much to look at.

After our hay ride, we took the boys to the kids play area that had a few play houses and slides and stuff and they had a blast. They could have stayed there all night.

Then we walked through the "light castle thing" It was really neat.

Getting the boys to look at the camera when there so much fun stuff to see is impossible.

Me and the boys.

We had so much fun. Greg and I decided on the way home to make this an annual tradition. We all really enjoyed it.

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